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  1. hi, can anyone help me?

    i need to convert my stb recordings to my pc, but failed

    this is the stb data:

    hardware id: cisco 2622

    platform: cisco 3121

    bootloader ver.:

    firmware ver.:

    application ver.: nexx_1_43_11

    content ver.: 5.0,4

    it looks like cisco 2622 or 3121 are not even made....

    or maybe im doing something wrong...

    when i record something i get this on my usb in two partitions

    rec_1423282002.dvr_0 55.4 M
    rec_1423282002.dvr_idx0 1.8k 448b 52b 454b 52b
    tsb0_0 65.1M
    tsb0_idx0 2.2k

    so this is the files that i get and their size

    i cant convert or open any of the files, so any help would be usefull.
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Many STB recorders use their own container format so it's probably very difficult to convert or play the video.
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    Usually the ONLY way to get recordings off a set top box is to play them back and record them in real time (that means 60 minutes of video takes 60 minutes to record) via some type of capture card or USB capture device on your PC. As Baldrick states, STBs usually use their container formats and/or they encrypt them specifically to prevent you from doing exactly what you want to do. Hollywood in particular has demanded this from the manufacturers. This is why you have to play them back and have a capture device that can record them.
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    Is the set top box a satellite receiver? Terrestrial broadcast receiver? Cable box? From your original post, it sounds like it records programs on a USB stick/drive. I would try opening the biggest file in ProjectX. If it will open it, you should be able to save it as a program stream (.mpg file) or separate audio and video files (.m2v, .ac3, .mp2, .mpa etc). This assumes that the recorded content is a standard mpeg transport stream. But, as others have said, it may not be standard. Hope this helps.
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