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  1. Hi

    we are getting the composite video input to our recording system from video multiplexing unit. i read the detail of that unit. The unit will take 4 video inputs and multiplex it based on the preset values. when it is multiplexing the video it will stamp some headers on active video lines for frame identification. it will be useful for playback.

    our goal is to identify this frame header stamped on the active video lines. the video format is .avi file.

    To identify this frame headers, i opened this .avi file in RIFF Viewer and seen- this video is type-1 format. the header section not contain any stamped data, in the headers and vaux lines. for different sources of frame having same headers.

    it will be in the active video lines. how to identify this stamped header and play back.
    herewith i attached the sample video file.

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  2. Did you mean in the visible picture, the white/black lines on the bottom underneath the timecode overlay ? (Not the AVI header ?) It should be possible to sort the views by their pattern as a unique identifier (eg. using conditionalfilter() in avisynth); for example all frames with the lady have the same pattern , and this is different than the other views which have their own pattern . This is the same pattern as your other recording in the other thread.

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    But the recording damage featured on some frames will make it difficult to do accurately, because the identification area is damaged . You never answered the other questions in that thread. If you want more help you need to answer the questions

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    yeah, and why even start a new thread? This is a continuation of the same topic as before...

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  4. i post same in last thread, it is not answered, so i thought it is closed.
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  5. i thank you all. i will work out on this. further any clarification i will approach you..

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  6. Hi,

    i tried to post a new thread, but when i try to post a new thread i am getting warning like---- Sorry! This forum is not accepting new posts. Hence i am posting this question here..

    we are using tms320dm6446 processor to capture and playback the video. the code which i attached here is for video loop back. The input video we are getting is directly decoded and via encoder through DAC it will be displayed on the On screen display. We want to capture (store) the incoming video on to a flash, and play back the stored video. what are the steps to be followed to store the video in flash.. and how to do it. here with i am attaching the video loop back code.

    & how to post a thread , when i am getting the error mentioned above.

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