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  1. Hi guys i have a canon t2i and the video is very choppy in camera and no matter if i use my 16GB sandisk extreme pro 95MB/s or one of my slower cards its really choppy in camera when ever i pan or tilt or anything i see it being choppy on my t2i screen and i was wondering if there is a free program to us one on here to make it not choppy atall and i shoot in 24-25 fps and i really don't want to buy another camera and if you guys can point to me a good program to use free is always the best option for me and show me how to use it would be great or if it's really well know that i can just look it up than i learn better with videos if not than if you tell me how to do so great.

    Ps. i haven't used my t2i very much i think the shutter count is at around 4,000-6,000. and if i do have to buy a new camera wich is the best one for 24-25 fps 1080P shooting for the price i have $1,000 to spend on a camera and lens no more than that that will show 0 choppiness in those modes but it will have to weight 2-3 weeks when my tax return comes!

    I do apologize for my bad spelling and my grammar i have a learning disability but for some reason i'm good with computers.
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  2. You need to blur your video while shooting. To use post processing to blur movement but not all details is possible but not sure if you'd go that way. Results could be weird anyway.
    Nice easy explanation even with video comparison is here:
    Also shooting with long shutter speed or possibly with NDfilter , you still are pretty much restricted, you should avoid fast panning and also avoid shaking with camera.
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  3. Okay i did everything the website told me and i tried to blur my video and i also tried to sharpen it in post and still no luck im just going to buy me a new camera should i go with the Sony rx10 i know it dosent have a interchangeable lens or should i stick with canon and have better luck than my last one and go with a canon t5i or is this going to fix my choppy video going to a new camera when shooting in 24-25 fps thanks again.
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    What do you expect of 24 or 25 fps??!!

    It's low framerate material. That means when encountering faster motion material, you will either realize blurred images when utilizing a slow shutter speed or you will realize stuttery images when utilizing a fast shutter speed. The optimal image for its framerate is going to be a 180 degree shutter angle, aka 2x the framerate (=1/48sec for 24fps and 1/50 for 25fps). That still can never change the fact that you cannot adequately resolve fast motion with such slow framerates. And this fact is irrespective of camera make/brand/type/expense. Just a simple limitation of physics & optics. The only alternatives: change your subjects & habits so that you are only capturing reasonably slow motion, or use faster framerates. Or live with the low framerate artifacts.

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  5. To lend some context, that 24,25 fps stutteriness was actually a selling point when that camera came out. It was promoted, and eagerly embraced, as part of a "film look."

    Times change.
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  6. Okay thanks everyone for your help. it's very useful information.
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  7. If you want smooth motion you need to shoot at 50 or 60 fps.
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