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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but here goes.

    I'll describe what I want, and would ask the experts to tell me how to achieve it in the most simple manner.

    I want a tv in a room showing a video I previously produced. From time to time, the people in the room watching the video may have questions, comments. They can voice their questions and the mic in the room will pick up the audio and send it to my control room. In the control room, I can hear the question, form a response, type it and send it back to be shown on the television. The response could block out the video for a short time, though ideally, the video (which continues to run) would be shrunk down and appear in the corner.

    I am open to using a computer to send the video and the response, I don't know what software I need to send video 1 and then overlay video 2 at the same time though. Ca software do it? Do I need some device?

    I appreciate an help, as you can see, I know nothing about this end of things.
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    That is not a problem, you can use any capable streaming software for that, just stream two sources in overlay, one is the video and the other could be a video as well or a window from your desktop where you write the responses. You can go fancy with keying and alpha channels as well.

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    We are waiting for you to stop tooting your own exaggerated shill of a horn, as well as get a decent name.

    If you want to market yourself here, follow the rules and get pemission from Baldrick, or pay for an ad.

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  5. Thanks for the help.

    I have looked at streaming software but could use some guidance. Several companies offer internet streaming, but I am trying to stay away from that. It could go through the internet - there isn't an issue per se with doing that for me, it's just that I am trying to keep things as simple as possible so that I have less moving parts. If I stream it to the internet, I have I obviously need my router working correctly, and my internet working correctly. Those should work 99% of the time, but operationally, it would be preferred if I could stream from my computer directly to the tv via a wired connection. A wired connection would remove a layer of complexity.

    I looked at vMix and it does way more than I need but I think would work. I have looked at others but haven't found one that seems jus right. It's probably there, I just don't know enough to know that it is the right one.

    So, if anyone has a recommendation, I am all ears.

    Thanks for your help.
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