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    I am looking for the region hack for the insignia ns-cadvd. No one has yet posted one and the hacks for the other insignia do not work. Can someone help?
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    We don't have a hack for that player. That means there may not be one - ever. I have an older model Insigina BluRay player, the NS-WBRDVD, that could be unlocked via a code straight out of the box for DVD and BluRay both. That is a real rarity. Usually BluRay unlocking requires hardware to be added after the fact. Anyway, my model could only be unlocked at certain firmware levels, so if you had one with a firmware higher than the last one that could allow unlocking, you had to downgrade the firmware. I downgraded mine and it still works, although I have some issues with the firmware that allows unlocking as it breaks other things that are fixed in later firmwares that don't allow unlocking, like BD-R LTH support. So I can either have up to date firmware with all the features I want or unlock the player, but not both.

    If someone ever posts an unlock code and it works, do NOT ever update the firmware or you will likely break region free mode.
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