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  1. Is there anyway to take your youtube playlist & make them into m3u8 playlist?
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  2. hi candita ,

    I don't understand what you mean :

    >Is there anyway to take

    your <= an ?

    youtube playlist

    & make <= & copy & paste

    them <= the links

    into m3u8 playlist? <= into a m3u playlist ?
    Here below some help !!!
    Example from
    Open the link in FF
    There are 39 links to watch videos
    You can create a file (see below)
    #EXTINF:0,ARTE - Philosophie - L'Intime
    #EXTINF:0,Arte - Philosophie - Langage
    witch is readable by VLC ( for example ) .
    If it is for catching the streams you can create a batch file
    @echo on
    rem ARTE - Philosophie - L'Intime
    youtube-dl "" best -o L_Intime.mp4
    rem Arte - Philosophie - Langage
    youtube-dl "" best -o Langage.mp4
    Cheers .
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  3. Try this tool to download Youtube playlists
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