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    I found the command to compare the second file.
    Also with the space bar you can switch from one image to the other.

    It would be very helpful to include an indexing indicator when loading the file, so as not to incur the misinterpretation of crashes.
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    Good morning.
    When I import the file with ProRes HQ422 codec to do x265 encoding StaRip crashes with the following message.

    I don't understand what it refers to in order to solve this problem.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you
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  3. v2.41.6 is released.

    Changelog: v2.41.6 (2024-07-03)
    • UI: Fix "--normalize" and "--gain" are used for qaac at the same time when Pipe is used (#1410)
    • Internal: Fix crash on demuxing command without loaded project
    • Internal: Fix rare crash when closing Processing window right before closing StaxRip (#1414)
    • Internal: Raise event "Before Job Adding" also when adding a batch job (#1407)
    • Internal: Improve valid Dolby Vision metadata recognition for extraction (#1409)
    • NVEncC: Add new "--vpp-fft3d" parameter
    • NVEncC: Add new value "ngx-vsr" for "--vpp-resize" parameter
    • x264: Add "--aq-bias-strength" parameter (#1412)
    • Update tools
    • MediaInfo v24.06
    • NVEncC v7.57
    • QSVEncC v7.67
    • vvencFFapp v1.12.0 r236-d57c73d
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