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    the only plugin which might have requirements could be plugins_JPSDR.dll (providing the aSobel function).
    You gave me an idea. I downloaded the required JPSDR.dll file from the developer's page and replaced the file in the application. Now the plugin works without errors. Thanks.
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  2. Originally Posted by gelo333 View Post
    And also tell me how can I add the avsi plugin to Staxrip? I want to add CASP (aka CAS+).
    Excuse me, but I'll ask again. How do I add Avisynt scripts to Staxrip? For .avsi files to function. Now I keep getting error messages.
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    What are the tricks to maximizing processing speed? I am using SR to deinterlace 720x486 ProRes422 captures of 3/4 SP masters. I'm running a Core i9 3.6ghz with 16mb ram. It is taking four hours to chew through a one-hour program and output to utvideo/MKV: (fps=12, speed .205x). Any help appreciated!
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    I'm throwing a batch of mkvs with audiostreams ID2 Japanese and ID3 English into StaxRip with the intention to just strip out non-english subtitles and leave everything else untouched. It removes the correct subtitles, and I can see the two audiostreams extracted in the temp folder with the correct languages, but in the final file, the Japanese audiostream has been renamed to English. I've confirmed that the Japanese audiostream IS still Japanese.

    I have audio set to Copy\Mux. I can get the correct output loading each file one by one, right-clicking on the audio tracks and setting them manually. I can't quite figure out why it would be doing this. Any hints?

    Another question: Currently, StaxRip outputs to the source folder and names the processed file (original filename)_new.mkv. Is there a way to have it rename the original file to something like (filename)_old.mkv and the processed file to (filename).mkv?
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  5. Hey Guys any chance for NVenc AV1 support or NVidia Hardware Acceleration realised by ffmpeg AV1 ?
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