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  1. Originally Posted by dogantemel1978 View Post
    rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "vod/_definst_" -f "WIN 16,0,0,235" -W "" -p "" -y "mp4:irmak/720p/20150128095859.mp4" -o "20150128095859.flv"
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  2. sorry with rtmpdump it does not work completly. the download stops after a few seconds. with livestreamer, it works better

    livestreamer hlsvariant:// best -o test.ts
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    Yep, it's better with livestreamer. Realplayer manage to download it too but the file had some problems.

    I upload it here (if it has no problems for you) :!SN51EZQY!RGwkRqL9bMxYpa4nPmO1de9l7uMjjMc5qFTD8d4EERw
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