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  1. Keep gettin "tsmuxer has stopped working" with every bluray.
    I'm on windows 7, and install every software on the bd rebuilder page, but keep having this issue. Also start the software as an administrator.
    How can I fix that? Is it a problem with my computer?
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    Please give us all details.

    What do you rip with?
    When does it happen?
    Has it ever worked?
    What are you doing? Trying to shrink a bd?
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  3. I rip it with DVDFAB.
    It happen when I try to do a backup with BDripper.
    I don't know if the software ever work, it's the first time I use it.
    When I click Backup, it just launch directly the "tsmuxer.exe not working".
    Here's what it said :
    " - Input BD size: 37,10 GB
    - Approximate total content: [04:45:02.718]
    - Target BD size: 22,95 GB
    - Windows Version: 6.1 [7601]
    - Auto Quality: Good (Very Fast), Two Pass
    - Decoding/Frame serving: DirectShow
    - Audio Settings: AC3=0 DTS=0 HD=0 Kbs=640
    [16:44:47] PHASE ONE, Encoding
    - [16:44:47] Processing: VID_00001 (1 of 6)
    - [16:44:47] Extracting A/V streams [VID_00001]
    - Error in attempt to extract audio/subs.
    - Network Optix tsMuxeR. Version 2.6.12.
    [16:44:56] - Failed to retrieve audio, aborted"

    thanks for the help
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