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  1. Please read this carefully. I think I've added all relevant information.

    I'm on Windows. I have latest MakeMKV and Handbrake (downloaded January 20, 2015). I'm ripping the US version blur ray Star Trek movies to a HDD. Several of them have subtitle tracks (#3 subtitle track) that display Klingon-to-English translation a couple times during the film. I speak English. I "checked" all English audio and subtitle tracks when I ripped the blu rays with MakeMKV. I've watched them on VLC and verified subtitle track #3 is the one I want. This is all I've done as far as ripping the movies. I have not done anything else with this MKV file.

    NOW, I'd like to make the #3 subtitle track a permanent part of the video image (hard code?), so it will show up on any device. I will most likely play the videos straight from HDD to USB ports on Samsung TV and Panasonic blur ray player. I've tested these, and they play the movie files great! Eventually, I will convert files to play through latest Apple TV, but that isn't a priority now.

    After a little research, I read where Handbrake should be able to burn in the subtitles into the video fairly easily, but when I load the mkv into HB and click on the subtitle tab, I'm looking at an empty box and it's prompting me to ADD a subtitle. I don't see the 4 subtitle tracks that are in the file and I don't see the "burn in" and "forced only" boxes that other people are talking about. Can anyone help? Thanks!!!