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    Hey, everyone

    I'm quite familiar with IFOEdit and VOBEdit by now, but I don't really know what to do when I have VTS_01_X.VOB and VTS_02_X.VOB files that are not a part of the same video. Can I use these softwares to join them or to create .ifo and .bup for all the files at once? I once used VOBEdit to join non-related files and it didn't go very well...

    Also: what's the easier way to convert a mp4 file to vob without losing any quality?

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    .ifo and .bup files are only relevant for authored dvds and those programs deal with previously-authored dvds.

    You can author a dvd with your vobs using avstodvd and then you have all the relevant files including .ifo and .bup

    You can use that same program to author a dvd from a mp4 file but you may lose quality. 'mp4' in itself is too general a term.
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    To add to the above...

    If you use AVStoDVD it can create a DVD containing both VOBs with all the standard files and folders. They will be authored as two separate titles, not one. If you want both VOBs in the same title, it won't do that. Also, if one VOB is PAL and the other is NTSC, it will re-encode one to match the other.

    mp4 is a container file format. Most of the time it contains H.264 video and AAC audio, although it allows the use of other video and audio formats. This means you are very likely to loose some quality converting from mp4 to VOB because VOBs always contain DVD compliant video and audio, and the original video and audio will need to be re-encoded for DVD compatibility.
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