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  1. Hey all,

    This is a really dumb and pointless question but I'm trying very hard (wasting so much time) to edit this short video so I can send it to my friends as a joke. We reference this vine A LOT and I've got video of my friend being really quite dumb and I want to do something very similar to this edit.

    I can't figure out how to do any of it. Are they gifs? Or individual videos with transparent backgrounds? How do you go about making that edit?

    All of this effort for a joke but I've spent too much time and it's the principal of it now!


    P.S. Nice forum...I'll be doing some snooping
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    It's just 2 clips (establishing shot & MCU), with the MCU being zig-zag zoomed (ken burns effect "psychadelic style" on still?), and then a few crude alpha graphic elements overlayed on top. Then the last section is looped a few times. That's it.

    This can be done in ANY decent NLE or compositor.

    The sources of the crude alpha graphics might have originally been (converted from) GIFs, but not while they're being overlaid. As this is a piece of video, this was done in an NLE. It would be quite possible to export to an animated GIF, but what's the point?

    BTW, "alpha" = has transparency.

    Part of the ability to re-create a sequence is the ability to recognize/parse the elements necessary to make up the sequence. You seem to have trouble doing even that, so I don't know if you're quite ready to tackle a similar job.


    My opinion: this is a boring & ugly as $h!t bad piece of video. You can and should do better.
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  3. Well, thanks for explaining it to me.

    I'm doing this for fun. I'm not a professional. Yes it's a crappy video but it's also hilarious.
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    That video is kind of a Hobo Stew. The ingredients appear to have been selected/created randomly and with no purpose or meaning. It's like "OK, I've got a banana peel, a tomato, a spare tire, and some fur ....."

    Video creation is a lot like making a soup. Sure, you can do weird fusions of disparate objects, but they have to "work" artistically. This video is horrendous in terms of art or entertainment.

    It's not "hilarious". There's no rhyme or reason for any of the elements. It doesn't pull together anything meaningful. There's no unified concept, message, or takeaway. The website shows 500+ "likes", but doesn't show "dislikes". I'll bet there are thousands of dislikes.
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