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    Hi Everybody,

    I'm looking for a good command line editing tool,
    for some types of image based subtitles, Like:-
    • BDN-XML (XML/PNGs)
    • VobSub (Sub/IDX)
    • DVD-Subs (Sup/IFO)

    There is so many applications for converting subtitles formats,
    like from Bitmap_Subs (Sub/IDX) to Text_Subs (SRT).
    and there is also applications for muxing and extracting those subtitles types From DVDs.

    But, what I couldn't find at all, is the CLI editors for those types above.
    and I mean here by editors, the ability for:
    • Editing Timing.
    • Fixing Too Short Durations, and Overlapping.
    • Setting Min & Max Durations.
    • Changing FrameRates (FPS).
    • Splitting To Multiple Files (CD1,2).
    • Exporting The Edited Subtitle With More Than One Language.
    • Converting From a Bitmap Sub Extension to another.

    I've been searching for a long time now for that powerful sub CLI (or even GUI) editor,
    that has all/most of the previous features, but I couldn't find anything really useful and practical, except:- BDSup2Sub

    BDSup2Sub is absolutely the most powerful bitmap.subs editor on the internet!!
    It is able to do most of the previous editing and converting options. More over, it's available in both GUI and CLI versions.

    Unfortunately, the BDSup2Sub developer has stopped working on it from more than a year now,
    and there is some downsides that BDSup2Sub still has.

    For example, It's not able to fix overlapping, or even preventing it from happening,
    if the user applied the min duration option.
    Also, BDSup2Sub doesn't export, edit or merge, more than one language stream at a time!
    Of-course this is a big problem for many users who prefer to have many language tracks, at least for English, and their mother language.

    The only available application able to edit multiple languages at a time, is VobSub
    This is a great tool too. And as you know, It is a plugin/filter package of some sub editing tools,
    which is able to do every kind of editing for the old types of the image.based subtitles.
    But, despite all of the great features that VobSub has, it doesn't work in CLI environment
    FYI, the last vobsub version was in 2002!

    Anyway, this was the final conclusion of my long search, and I'm asking,
    if there is any other command line tools for that purpose,
    whether for windows, cygwin or any OS else.

    Thanks So Much Guys,
    and Sorry If My Question Was So Long
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  2. I guess BDSup2Sub is not editing tool but more like transcoding tool, but you can work with more subtitles at a time, using just batch script loops, I did not get that part perhaps ..., but an example:
    for %%a in ("*.sup") DO %path_java% -Xmx256m -jar %BDSup2Sub% "%%a" "%%~na.sub" /res:720 /fps:25 /filter:lanczos3
    or you can create a list of streams in txt file, if selection is not that simple, you create empty list.txt and then you can gradually collect different subs all over batch script, collecting the subtitle streams:
    echo my_subtitles1.sup>>list.txt
    echo my_sybtitles2.sup>>list.txt
    and then you loop those lines in the list for conversion:
    for /f "tokens=*" %%a in (list.txt) DO %path_java% -Xmx256m -jar %BDSup2Sub% "%%a" "%%~na.sub" /res:720 /fps:25 /filter:lanczos3
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