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  1. hello,

    so i have a lot of movies on my pc and they are orgenized by folders [my movies/(moviename)/moviefile and subtitlefile]
    and i would like to remux the subtitles to the movie.
    i know how to do it file by file but i need it for multiple movie files.

    can someone help
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    Are your subtitle file and movie file named same? Like moviename.mkv and
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    yes. can you please create a script so it will merge the movie file and the subtitle file, and if there is no subtitle file just ignore

    Can i tell the mkvmerge which language it is?

    I found this to remove any subs before i merge the files and it did the job great

    @echo off
    set rootfolder="D:\My Videos\My Movies"
    echo Enumerating all MKVs under %rootfolder% and its subfolders.
    for /r %rootfolder% %%a in (*.mkv) do (
        for /f %%b in ('mkvmerge -i "%%a" ^| find /c /i "subtitles"') do (
            if [%%b]==[0] (
                echo "%%a" has no subtitles
            ) else (
                echo "%%a" has subtitles
                mkvmerge -q -o "%%~dpna (No Subs)%%~xa" -S "%%a"
                if errorlevel 1 (
                    echo Warnings/errors generated during remuxing, original file not deleted
                ) else (
                    del /f "%%a"
                    echo Successfully remuxed to "%%~dpna (No Subs)%%~xa", original file deleted
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