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  1. Hi,

    I have 7:1 dvd duplicator and want to add copyright protection while burning the disc. I find "External USB 3.0 port for Copystars SATA CD DVD blu ray Duplicator Disc copier" (screenshot attached) ... Its features mentioned on amazon site are :-

    USB 3.0 to connect duplicator to PC
    One of the burner drive cannot be connected
    manual operation of mechanical toggle switch to control on/off
    When off- normal duplicator operation
    When On- the burner drive connected to PC via USB become external drive .
    will this hardware help me to add copyright protection if i connect it to my burner through usb and then burn dvds with copyright protection on my duplicator ?

    pls share your views....

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    Effective protection - No.

    If Hollywood can't pull effective protection off with commercial pressing plants and tens of million in budget to develop schemes, what chance do you realistically expect to have with a home duplicator from Amazon?
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    You can't even use "ineffective" protection, USB or no USB.

    USB has nothing to do with it.
    Hollywood protections are built upon encryptions with the keys situated in non-user-generated areas of the disc. These areas are only available when creating PRESSED (replicated) discs, not BURNED (duplicated). Duplicators of ALL kinds can only access user-generated areas. No exceptions.

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    Originally Posted by john_triton View Post
    will this hardware help me to add copyright protection
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    That does not even describe 'copy protection'. Its just a toggle switch from duplication to a plain external drive.
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