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  1. The technology, built into the beta version of Firefox, lets people set up free video or audio calls with others using Firefox. Mozilla will gradually enable the feature in coming weeks.!
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    Nice, but I won't hold my breath.

    Mozilla used to be an active and well supported project.
    Recently however, say the last two years, activity and support has gotten down the drain.

    Report a bug and you will get a 6 months runaround, no not for fixing, just for acknowledging something is wrong, even if it is reported by 26,000 other people.

    This kind of "support" would even embarrass an old AT&T dialup "Got a problem? It must be your fault, just reinstall Windows" support person a decade and a half ago.
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  3. What's so new about this when sites like tinychat and stickam are all over the place? Unless it's some kind of P2P version of video chatting.
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  4. Received notice to update to version 35 today. After installing, I noticed that the video chat icon was not showing up in the tool bar. The video chat icon is not installed by default.

    You have to click on the 3 little bars in upper right corner and then click 'Customize' then drag that chat icon to the toolbar. Then when you click on that icon your camera is automatically turned on and you see yourself in a window. There is a square box smackdab in the middle of your face that asks for a name. I could not find a way to remove that box. Maybe it goes away when you actually chat with someone. From there you send a link to a friend to start the video chat. No logins required. I did not test the chat with another person yet. I have to find someone that uses Chrome or FF and that will be a stumbling block for some as most people don't know what browser their friends use.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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