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  1. I have a Sony DCR -HC46 camcoder (2005). I had been using Maxell Mini DV tapes (Red ones from Costsco. Last couple of years I have switched to the Bulue Sony MiniDV tapes from Walmart.
    Recently I was trying to convert my tapes to AVI files & noticed some of the tapes had Audio Breakages. Thought may be I did not store them properly.
    Today I noticed on a brand new tape, I recodered someting and noticed 2 audio break. Video is fine.
    What's going on?
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    Way back when I was using the minidv tapes with my sony minidv cam the only ones that worked well were the expensive sony premium tapes. Not even sure if there made anymore.
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  3. Do you think I should use a head cleaner? if so what kind should I use for DCR-HC46 cam?
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  4. Originally Posted by tarana View Post
    Do you think I should use a head cleaner? if so what kind should I use for DCR-HC46 cam?
    you should always be cleaning the head in your camera with a tape head cleaner, i used to run mine for 30 seconds after every 2nd or 3rd shoot.

    I can only suggest Panasonic because all 6 DV tape cams i have ever owned were Panasonics (a short stint using a canon XL2) so i always used the Panasonic tapes and head cleaners.

    Not sure if that is going to fix your audio problem tho ?
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    B & H still sells the Sony Premium miniDV tapes.

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  6. I have had this camcorder since 2005. Always used new tapes - taped around 100. On a total I may have played 50 tapes.
    Have never cleaned the head even once, but the camera was handled well.

    So I am hoping cleaning the head may resolve the audio issue, so I can use the camcorder to convert my tapes to AVI.
    Only issue is I have tapes that are from different Makes - some Sony & some Maxwell that I need to convert to AVI.
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