Man this player has been a trooper... Had since summer 08, didnt use it much up until about a year ago however. Hoping I didnt wear it out with my recent heavy use. But seems to be the most likely answer to the no disc error Im getting. The disc will spin, player will make some hisses etc but after say minute or two gives me the no disc. I unplugged it for 5 min plugged it back in... Also reset factory settings. Didnt fix it unfortunately. The 5990 is flashed with vb6crods firmware, but I know thats not the issue. His stuff is good used it for a long time on the player no problems.

Any other 5990 owners experience this? Is there a fix? If I have to replace it?.... does philips or anybody else for that matter make an inexpensive region free dvd player as good as the 5990 that I can buy...? Should I send it in to Philips for repair? (might be worth it) probably have to put the factory firmware back on it though LOL but dunno if theyll repair a dvd player from 2008?

Appreciate any suggestions, Thank you