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  1. Hi guys
    I use this DVD recorder mainly for passtrough purposes. The drive it self did worked great for couple of years and stopped working about 2 years ago, it didn't want to recognize recorded DVD's and blank DVD's ( No DVD message ) so I stopped using it for watching or recording only passtrough. Since then i never touched the open/close button ( i didn't put DVD in) when i did power on the recorder it will start the familiar panny sound (metallic ) looking for DVD and then it will stop and show channel 1 (I was be able to change inputs enter menu and so on) everything that i needed to use it as passtrough. Yesterday my friend while the panny was on, pressed the open/close button the DVD started some strange sound and it looked like it is stuck in loading phase the front panel didn't opened but it seem like it is trying and now doesn't want to pass that phase so i can use it as before. I power it off and on again but the same thing as soon as i power on ( not from stand by but from outlet ) it starts the same procedure ( seeking for DVD ) and doesn't stop like before but it is doing it constant ( I turn the dvd off like after a couple of min 1-3 to stop some more damage if there is one). I lost the service manual of the dvd recorder some time now. Is there something that can be broken ( maybe some belt or something or dry grease or such) that is doing this I also take off the mask ( it seems the problem is in the drive not the mask ( shifted or bad alignment)).
    Now the machine is useless any advice thanks

    The sound it was putting "when i did power on the recorder it will start the familiar panny sound (metallic )" was exactly this now ( in addition to that sound) it also has that struggling to open sound like pushing clogged door

    another example . I will try to disassemble it and see how it goes
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