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    I know that this was discussed a lot of times here, but when I try to download closed captions from the video below:

    I canīt get any success.

    I searched for hundreds of pages at Google and here, used several methods like, softwares, sites that download subs, scripts, Firefox add-ons, videos showing "how to do" and got nothing.

    Could anyone try something that works and help me?

    Iīm on a Windows Ultimate 7, with Google Chrome, but I installed Firefox looking for a solution.
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  2. Why do you need them? The video has English subs burned into the video and the selectable subs are gibberish done by an automatic translator.

    I did this successfully a while ago but forget exactly how. Firefox has some sort of a YouTube subtitle downloader add-on, I believe. What you get is no good but you then open it in Subtitle Workshop and save it again and then they're good. Forgive me for my faulty memory but that's about all I remember.
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  3. YouTube Caption Downloader

    Unfortunately it no longer works after recent YouTube changes.
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  4. hello for me it works with 'en' sub
    youtube-dl --write-auto-sub
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  5. Hey pirgah,

    you could try It's a website of mine which is able to extract subtitles from youtube videos and let's you download them.

    The youtube automatic subtitles of your video are available here:

    Hope that helps
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  6. no longer available.

    anyone found similar websites to tysm
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