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    Much to my surprise after purchasing the Sony BDP-S3200 I found that it would internally decode Closed Captions and Display on the TV screen via the Hdmi input. As many of you know this has been a longstanding issue since the advent of the Hdmi. Many TV series DVD's have only Closed Captions. The retail box does not have the CC logo and the brief instructions make no mention of Closed Captions. The online manual does give some detail although it is hard to find.
    To enable Closed Captions go to "System Settings" Select "Closed Captions" and Change "Original" to "Custom". Run a DVD which is known to have Closed Captions and select "Options" on the remote. Scroll down to "Closed Captions" and Select CC1.
    The Closed Captions should appear on the screen. You can also select "Subtitles" and if they are on the disc both CC and Subtiles will appear. The selections will remain active until you change them again!
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    That's nice to know.

    Yeah, the model for WHICH DEVICE decodes + composites the captions changed. It used to be the display itself. Now it is expected to be the "player" (DVD/BD/mmfile/Cable/Sat). Which is why HDMI hasn't seen fit to incorporate CC metadata in its data stream: it expects the CCs to already have been composited & burned into the video. This will likely NOT change in the future.

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