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    Dr. Oz has a youtube channel. But the Videos I want to get is not on his youtube channel. Otherwise downloading them would be easy.

    There is 5 videos on his website that I can not figure out how to download. I want to be able to download these 5 Videos for an easier viewing experience. I don't intend to keep them forever. Just long enough for me to be able to study them without having to boot up my computer.

    Several years ago I posted in this thread: #51

    I asked about how to use VLC player to download one video. Is there anyway of using it to download these? If not do you know of a free or open source program that I could use to download them?
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  2. youtube-dl can download these (free command line utility)

    idm can download it easier (it integrates with browsers and you push a button and select which version to download), but not free
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