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    does anyone know of a way to shut it off, but very quickly, or instantly. not through the disconnecting of the usb wifi adaptor or (if on a laptop) pressing a key-combination, i.e., Fn+F2 shuts it off on my dell laptop.but it interupds the screen and displays a glyph and then shuts it off, taking maybe 5 seconds to complete. what i'm looking for is a cold chicken switch. or a hack, to sever it, so that i can turn it on/off instantly at will. i want to create a utility app and create my own custom hot-key to turn it on/off. this is for an idea or theory to help conserve my internet usage when i connect to my internet-on-the-go device. i don't want the laptop to auto-connect to the next available free wifi service since i do use those services during certains hours.
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