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  1. Hi.

    I have a couple of CD's. They seem to be CD/VCD, a mixed content disc. The older CD's I have had mpeg1 or flash video and if I clicked on the Disc drive in Computer (using windows Vista or XP) - right-clicked - Explore I would see the audio cda files and a folder or more with video files.

    Some discs I have play audio and have video, but plays it as a flash video? There are files on the disc, but not regular folder structures and I cannot transfer the music videos onto my HDD. It opens up a player to view the video. I have hidden files shown on my computer, but I see nothing else.

    Does anyone know what to do so I can copy the video onto my HDD? I can list the folder and it's contents if you'd like.

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    If it's flash video on the CD, it's flash video. My CD singles with extra video are about 50/50 - MPEG1/Flash.
    I use ISOBuster on the stubborn ones.
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  3. Edit: hech beat me to it!
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  4. Thanks. I didn't try IsoBuster.
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