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  1. Was using version 8 (I think) but had to upgrade as was getting many errors with discs that only the new version would fix. Problem is the trial version of version 9 is over and even though it says HD Decrypter is activated at the start up screen, I can't for the life of me work out how to get the free version, it keeps asking me to buy it. Am I missing something obvious or have they removed the free HD Decrypter option?
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    if your trying to copy a newer movie, the free version may not work on it yet. only registered users get full access to new releases.
    the free version will have to wait for the updates a little longer.
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  3. Just click the X on the license screen and the program window will open up.
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    Sorry for all the editing, but something weird happened my screen grab ended up on October262's post, then it disappeared when I edited it out of my post!?!
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  4. Thanks, thought it might be something simple, could have sworn I had already tried that, but hey ho, it's working again
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