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    So, basically. I imported a Japanese Anime Blu-ray from Japan..and to my surprise, it doesn't have any English Subtitles included within the release.

    What I am initially planning to do is extract the subtitles from a torrent I found, and use them on the digital back-up copy. (As I rip my Blu-ray's to my harddrive for personal use.)
    I have heard this can be done, although I couldn't find any answers through Google.

    The torrent I have found has been encoded in "soft subs" format, and subtitles can be removed at any given moment with the help of VLC. It does not include an SRT notepad file which is unfortunate.

    Concluding this..I am just wondering if this can be done? And what software I'll need?

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  2. Probably MKVExtractGUI2 - if it's a MKV file.

    Else you could look for the subtitles itself like
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