l posted a while back about a hanging issue, always on the first file of mkvs, however lm living with that as it only happens once per boot so it doesnt really stop me playing (tho l still think it has something to do with font caching).

however the annoyance ld like to resolve is with the playlist, as many who use MPC (l use the MPC-HC version which is up to date) know when playing a file its highlighted in red text and to the right it shows you the length of the file, well lve found if l move onto the next file and close the application, when l next open it that file is still selected and showing the length..

now that on its own wouldnt be a problem, but for some reason when lve stopped a file lve been playing through MPC then come back and come back to resume the file the playlist seems to scroll down itself one file.. and its kinda annoying because once or twice lve not remembered to scroll up to the highlighted file, no ammount of removing and re-adding files makes a difference it will still remember the selected file and its length and that means the file l stopped to come back to later will be scrolled out of view, and it only happens to files l that lve either just started or stoped in the middle of watching, is there a way to turn off this highlighted file thing and stop it scrolling out of view if l decide to come back and watch the last file l never finished?