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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone help with this? :

    When I D&D files from a 32bits Files Manager over PPx64 last version, files doesn't open nor aren't added to PlayList.

    I have tried all possible combinations to test 'my issue'.
    This is, I have used these (in their last versions) to test all possible combinations:
    Total Commander / explorer++ / Q-Dir / MultiCommander All of them available in 32 and 64 bits versions.
    PotPlayer64 1.6.49479 (last version without the 'bug') / PotPlayer32 1.6.51480 / PotPlayer64 1.6.51480 (last version available)

    +PP=means I have opened PP from that version of the manager and dragged & dropped several video files of different types over the PP (mp4/flv/mpg/avi/mkv)
    mv=last version of PPx64 that works without notice (PP 1.6.49479x64)
    BUG=Files dragged & dropped over PPx64 from a 32bits manager don't open (they aren't added to the Playlist either)

    TC64 : +PP64=NP / +PP32=NP / +PPmv=NP
    TC32 : +PP64=BUG / +PP32=NP / PPmV=NP

    explorer++64 : +PP64=NP / +PP32=NP / +PPmv=NP
    explorer++32 : +PP64=BUG / +PP32=NP / PPmV=NP

    Q-Dir64 : +PP64=NP / +PP32=NP / +PPmv=NP
    Q-Dir32 : +PP64=BUG / +PP32=NP / PPmV=NP

    Multicommander64 :+PP64=NP / +PP32=NP / +PPmv=NP
    Multicommander32 : +PP64=BUG / +PP32=NP / PPmV=NP

    As you can see. All the tests show the same result. Since 'my version', files cannot be dragged & dropped over PPx64 from a 32bits manager.
    I have tried the same in antoher machine with the same results.

    PLEASE, anyone can reproduce these results?.

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    Does it work fine to drag and drop from windows explorer?

    I last used a "file manager" in windows 3.1 (Total Commander).

    You can also post in .
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  3. Hi,

    YES, if you D&D from the Explorer you should have no problems since it is a 64 bits windows install. I have windows 8.1 x64 installed and it runs fine.

    I also have started a thread in PotPlayer Forum hoping the issue can be solved.

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  4. Probably KMPlayer and Potplayer have an issue with D&D
    (also see:

    I first tried Potplayer and ran into problems with D&D.
    Then I tried KMPlayer and ran into the same problems.
    Both Potplayer and KMPlayer were set to 'default', with 2 exceptions:
    a. installed on a different partition, i.e. not on C:\
    b. set to save settings to .ini file

    Had to 'kill' them by stopping the process (taskmanager) a couple of times.

    That aside, when playing a video (VIDEO_TS) KMPlayer started off to display the video 'vertically stretched', i.e. deformed.
    Don't know if Potplayer has the same issue as well.

    BTW, this wasn't the case with VLC player.

    Bottomline I would have ended up spending time on trying to 'fix' things here, fix things there, whereas I expect players to
    play files without issues whilst using the default settings. So I dropped both players, regretfully so.

    - using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
    - for this case I restored a Windows image, that I previously made, that did nót contain a previous media player
    - am using Directory Opus as filemanager

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