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  1. I've searched through different forums, but it seems MPC-HC nor VLC don't have a built-in feature that would display current frame's number. What's the easiest way to browse a video frame-by-frame, each time showing its number?
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  2. Disable MHCPC's internal video decoder and use ffdshow as the decoder instead. Enable its On-Screen-Display (OSD) function and the Current Frame option.

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    Beware, different decoders may disagree about the frame number by a few frames.

    Another option is to open the video with VirtualDub. As you scrub through the video the frame number appears at the bottom of the window.
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  3. For MPC-HC, if you want to know the frame number of the current frame, use the Navigate/GoTo menu. It's only really convenient for determining a frame number here and there (or for navigating to a particular frame), but it's another method. Given MPC-HC obviously knows the frame numbers, it's a pity it doesn't have an option to display them.

    Similar to jagabo's VirtualDub suggestion, MeGUI displays the frame numbers at the top of the AVS Script Creator preview window.
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