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    Make MKV Chapters Expand/Collapse like in Acrobat?

    On the Left is an .mkv w/ alot of Chapters, playing in MPC-HC --
    I really don't like how it scrolls off of both the top & bottom of the screen.

    In the middle is the same file playing in VLC -- a little better,
    as the list assumes a 2nd column when it exceeds the screen size.

    On the right is the classic Adobe Acrobat Bookmarks bar --
    Expanded on the top, Collapsed on the bottom :

    Click image for larger version

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    I tried creating Subchapters under Chapters in the Chapter Editor tab of mmg,
    but they didn't hide or collapse - I think they just have a * -- is there a special command I missed?

    I've also tried to use the <EditionFlagOrdered>1</EditionFlagOrdered> written up in the
    101 things .... Matroska article -- thinking it might make the Chapters "hide" --
    meaning Collapse/Expand, but it didn't work.

    Does .mkv support what I want to do? & if so, would someone kindly explain how?

    I've spent several days now just having an absolute Blast with mkvmerge, Handbrake/VidCoder,
    and Machete -- and finally I'm able to rip my instructional DVDs/VHSs to this incredible
    .mkv format, and create wonderful Chapter markers that let me seek Instantly to the
    desired information target.

    I've figured out how to "Save As" the Chapter files from different Title Sets, edit & merge them
    in Notepad++, mux them back w/ mmg, and away we go! It's taken alot of patience, trial & error,
    but this mmg app is really a sweet piece of kit! if you're willing to spend the time to understand it.

    Any other suggestions will be appreciated -- I prefer using MPC-HC vs. VLC,
    but at least VLC will form multiple columns like above.

    But the ultimate solution is to have the Chapters Collapse/Expand -- does that require Javascript?
    or ..... what kind of code? Isn't that something that would be a very desired feature?

    I bet if not now, then certainly in the near future as the DVD menu structure eventually goes
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    The way the Matroska chapters are displayed in the player's GUI depends only on the player's source-code,
    not on the Matroska specification itself --- after all, the chapters are just "metadata", so to speak.
    BTW, the same kind of "problem" happens with the various PDF viewers available,
    regarding the bookmarks feature:
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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    thx for pointing that out regarding the player -- and about the pdf players --
    sometimes I have to go into my PDF-Xchange_Viewer.Pro to work around some of the Adobe spec,
    but I def. prefer the way Adobe handles the bookmarking vs. any others.

    still - the ultimate solution is for the .mkv spec to support the collapse/expand of the Chapter markers, yes?

    it would seem similar to javascript's actions in a browser? (i'm not a coder, so i'm just guessing)
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    Well, I serious doubt the Matroska specs would be modified because of that single reason...
    The goal of the chapter points/marks is to make the "navigation" more convenient, not to give us a functional (or pretty ) chapter menu.
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