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  1. Hello everyone.
    I've been getting into a problem with a movie that I've made.
    When ever I open the vlc it say at start that the index is broken, if I choose to play it like it is I see the movie but not the whole movie.
    Once I got it into Premiere I've noticed there is like 5 or 6 more mins that the vlc doesn't show.
    I've tried lots of software's that fix the corrupted and broken avi but none of them fixed my problem. Most of them showed the whole movie but those mins that were missing only got frozen upon the last frame shown.Some of the software shown black screen. Both of the situations had sound.
    I really need some one to help me since I can't figure out how to fix it.
    Thanks for the helpers.
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  2. Have you tried VirtualDub? Open the AVI and VirtualDub should repair it. When it's done, select "direct stream copy" as the compression method under the Video menu and use the "File/Save As AVI" menu to save the repaired version. If that doesn't fix it there's a pretty good chance it's corrupted and un-fixable.

    PS If the audio is AC3 you might need to the AC3 input plugin (Dolby Digital AC3 plugin). There's a link to it on the VideoHelp VirtualDub page. Stick it in the VirtualDub/Plugins (or VirtualDub/Plugins32) folder.
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    It's possible the index is "broken" because the file is corrupted (ie: the data is missing). In which case, it can't be fixed.
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    VLC can fix avi's with a broken index ... this can be the default:

    Though, as mentioned, it may be actually corrupt and not fixable.
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