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  1. Has been several years since I used handbrake. I downloaded the latest version, I have windows 7.

    The advanced tab is not showing. I downloaded a previous release, about a yr old and has the same issue. I tried going even further back and the older releases install but won't run.

    There is a youtube video that was just posted in November (last month) addressing this very issue

    however, after watching the video, the advanced tab is completely missing for me as well as the 'use advanced tab instead' checkbox under the video tab. Screen shot attached with the youtube settings in the background and my screen in the foreground.Click image for larger version

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    Any ideas on what the last version that had the advanced tab on the main screen? Or why this is not working.

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    Have you checked under Tools->Options, General and the bottom? Show Advanced Encoder Options Tab.

    In the Mac version it's under Handbrake->Preferences->Advanced.
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  3. perfect Baldrick, thank you!
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