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  1. Hi I want a real time 2d to 3d converter.
    I was wondering which of these two is better.
    Generic 2d to 3d signal video converter.
    Hdmi 2d to 3d 1080p high definition video converter box for amber/blue glasses.
    Both can be found on
    Thank you.
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    Both are very bad ideas. "2D->3D conversion" in general (and automated realtime in particular) is ALWAYS going to be wildly inaccurate. Psuedo-stereo artifacts abound.
    The ONLY way to do it decently is with tons of time, money, manpower & effort. And even then it isn't as perfect as true 3D.

    For someone who is a self-acclaimed lover of 3D, I would never recommend this kind of route.

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