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    I've got a DVD that someone made from a VHS. But the tracking adjustments were off and there is a buzz that runs throughout the entire video. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the original VHS.

    What Mac software/plug-in would I use to remove or minimize this? (I've got Audition CC and Soundtrack Pro, if either of those work...I just don't know how to do something like this in those applications.)
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    Audition CC can do this, but getting good results requires a bit of effort and time.

    1 - Demux the DVD.

    2 - If the audio is ac3 or mpa decode to uncompressed wav. If it is already pcm, skip this step.

    3 - Open the uncompressed audio in Audition.

    4 - Create a FFT for the noise filter. Search the audio timeline for approximately 3 seconds of silent audio with buzz (to isolate just the buzz), highlight it, and use that. (It is more work, but it is so much better to create a custom filter per audio file, using a preset noise filter will never sound as good.)

    5 - Apply the noise removal filter. This is the time consuming step. Set the values as low as you can to remove the buzz, but too high values will create artifacts and an "underwater" effect. You may have to do this many times to find what sounds best. (You can hit undo to go back to the source file.)

    Then save and then remux the audio back to DVD.
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