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    Hey guys. I do a podcast and on my mixer, which is a ProFX8, I have 3 mics plugged into the mixer, 2 pencil cendensors and 1 other. We also have my macbook plugged into the mixer for sound effects.

    My problem is that I sound check at the start of our podcast and the audio is fine. Audio level is good with the gain fairly low and the DB on the "sliders" at about 0. However, as the podcast rolls on (its 2 hours) the levels start to get softer and softer and by the time the podcast is about an hour in, I've got all the gains turned WAY up (75% turned) and the sliders most of the way up. Does anybody have any ideas why this is happening?

    When we run commercials, I tend to MUTE everybody's channels and then UNMUTE when the commercials end. I'm not sure if this is causing it or not, its really become a big problem.

    Any ideas guys? Thanks!
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  2. I haven't see anything like that.

    Can you contact the manufacturer:
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