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  1. My Sony LCD has 4 HDMI ports. One of the ports is acting strange. When you connect a HDMI cable to a laptop, it doesn't show the entire resolution from the laptop on the TV. About 1" is cut off on all 4 sides. It doesn't matter if I change the screen resolution. All the other HDMI ports work fine, just this one (on the side of the TV). I've tried changing screen settings and resolutions but nothing works.
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    Is this one of those TVs you were using while having problems with the poor HDMI cable in that other thread? Maybe they're related.

    It would help if you give us actual details, such as Model #s, setting choices, etc.

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  3. It's completely normal for TVs to overscan. Most things you've watched on TV were overscanned. You just didn't notice because you had no external reference and professionally produced TV material takes into account that most people won't see the outer few percent of the picture. Look for a pixel-for-pixel setting and enable it for that HDMI port. Different manufacturers use different names. On some you have to set the port name to PC.
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    There is also likely a setting in the video drivers of the laptop.
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