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  1. Hi,
    how do I play 3D mkv files? I want to play my favourite 3D films from HDD with my HTPC.
    I'm a huge fan of MPC-HC, MPC-BE and LAV Filters, but I don't know how to play that kind of "true" 1080p 3D (video stream is MVC -> direct from BD)

    Is there any kind of splitter and filter?

    Thank you

    I have a 3D-TV and 3D-Monitor
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    For now Stereoscopic player is the only software that can play full 3d MVC mkv. Some other software like powerdvd can but only in fake 3d or 2d.
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  3. Thank you, but I'm a bit sad that Stereoscopic Player is the only option
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    What's so bad about that?! Private License is 39euro. And it works really well in many situations/setups. I've had my license since 2006 and never felt like it was money wasted.

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