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    By looking into VAPOURSYNTH I found that filters are divided into 3 groups, those are:

    -Avisynth Core Filters

    -Generic filters

    -[VapourSynth] HAvsFunc-r11 - ported AviSynth functions for VapourSynth

    HolyWu: mentioned on doom9 that "The core plugins are MVTools2, MaskTools v2, RemoveGrain and TemporalSoften, they must be loaded"
    Ok, then how I load them ? I suppose together with: import vapoursynth ?

    havsfunc-r11.7z contains the following:

    -RemoveGrainVS.dll - ported AviSynth functions for VapourSynth

    What should I do with python script ? I can run it but do I use it from another script or how that works ?

    At the end I am trying to understand how to construct a simple script for deinterlacing with QTMGC:


    #import core libraries #
    import vapoursynth as vs
    import sys
    import havsfunc
    # define function names #
    core = vs.get_core()
    haf = havsfunc.HAvsFunc()
    # Load the input filter #
    core.std.LoadPlugin(path=r'C:\Program Files (x86)\VapourSynth\plugins64\ffms2.dll')
    # Load the needed processing filters#
    core.avs.LoadPlugin(path=r'C:\Program Files (x86)\VapourSynth\core64\plugins\RemoveGrainVS.dll ')
    # define clip name trough input function\filter #
    clip = core.ffms2.Source(source=r'C:\ffmpeg\', threads=1)
    # process the clip #
    clip = haf.QTGMC(clip, Preset='Medium', TFF=True)
    # output the clip #
    clip.output(sys.stdout, y4m=True)

    Off-course that this doesn't work since I don't have havsfunc to be imported.

    Before I get RTFM, any help is appreciated
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