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  1. I have a Sony Blue Ray Player and a JVC sound bar for audio. settings all to Bitstream. I have a Blueray dvd and the audio works fine on the menu page and the coming attractions. When the main feature starts I can only get audio to work in the fast forward selection, not in Play. Any help appreciated!!
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    Bitstreaming is probably the problem. Soundbars generally can't decode all the various types of digital audio that are found on Blu-Ray discs (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Lossless, DTS, DTS HD MA, and Linear PCM). You need to find out which types of digital audio your soundbar can decode and set your Blu-Ray player to output one of them. Note that some soundbars can only handle LPCM, and your Blu-Ray player may only be able to convert to two-channel LPCM.
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