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  1. Any tool to view and/or count I frames in H.264 videos?
    Or any method?
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  2. "Viewing" them is fairly easy. Open a video with MPC-HC and navigate back/forward with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard while holding down the Shift key. That'll jump from one keyframe to the next. Well it definitely does when the container is MKV, but I'd imagine it does the same for other containers.

    There might be an efficient way to count them but someone else will have to help you there, assuming it can be done.
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    DGIndex might be able to do it
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    You can view AVC I-frames in Virtualdub using the ffmpeg input plugin to load them. Virtualdub identifies an I-frame by showing a "K". You can view AVC I-frames in Avidemux, they are identified by "I"

    In MpegStreamClip you can go to nearest I-frame by using Ctrl + K keys.
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  5. Thank You Very Much...

    any way to view whole frames in a column chart like graph (like in bitrate viewer)...

    like each frames in different colors or any method that can distinguish I frames.
    I remember very old Dr.Divx had something similar that shows keyframes... Something like that...
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