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  1. Hi!

    I have new LCD with USB 2.0 port. In manual is written something about Upstream/Downstream...
    Really is my English poor and I don't understand, better to say don't know what it is...

    Can anybody explain me what it means when I connect USB cable between my PC and LCD?

    Thank you very much for all.

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  2. Does the LCD have more than one USB port?
    Some monitors have built in USB "hubs" which let you connect the monitor to a USB port on your PC, then the monitor has several USB "out" connections to which you could connect a mouse or a USB keyboard etc.

    It might pay to provide the exact make and model of your LCD monitor so someone can look it up for you. Assuming it's a monitor, or is it an LCD TV?
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  3. Hi!

    It is LCD monitor, Philips 240B1CB. Has only one USB and in manual is writting about Upstream and Downstream in case of USB.

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    Don't feel bad about your English language skills. I downloaded the PDF manual and leaflet from the product page for your monitor and I also found what they have to say about the USB port confusing. They suggest connecting it to your PC in the manual. The leaflet says "USB port to enhance multimedia experience", but never explains how it does that.

    I did find documentation for some other Philips monitors which says the USB port allows a PC/laptop to power the monitor and the USB port can be used a video connection too. I'm going to guess that is also the USB port's function for your monitor.
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  5. Thank you for doing it.

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