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  1. Hi folks,
    I am using ffmpeg to encode and mux an MPEG - TS with h264/x264 video and AC3 2.0 audio. So a pretty straightforward thing, output shall be used for VoD on DVB cable platform.

    Now I have two major problems:

    - using the standard AC3 encoder (or ac3_fixed) I get a wrong stream_type for the audio in the PMT. PIDs, PES IDs, everything correct but in DVB it should put in the PMT as stream_type for AC3 audio a 6/0x6. But ffmpeg puts the value for ATSC, being the 129/0x81. Using the ffmpeg E-AC3 encoder it works correctly, putting "6" there but i am supposed NOT to use E-AC3..

    - second thing: is there a way to get rid of the service description table stream in the TS? It is using the PID 0x11 and I am supposed to leave it out completely

    I am using a self-compiled ffmpeg version on Ubuntu, source straight from, Nov., 18th.

    Thanks for help!
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    wrong place for this issue?
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    Originally Posted by palettenheinze View Post

    wrong place for this issue?

    You MAY have better luck @ . Even better, why not go directly to one of the ffmpeg mailing lists
    And I think it wouldn't hurt to try to get in touch directly with Herr Niedermayer or Reimar Dffinger themselves...
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  4. posting to the bug tracker 8 be a good idea too
    users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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  5. Not sure if they will help, but you might have a look at dvblast or opencaster

    There are a lot of compliance issues with ffmpeg ts muxes
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  6. Hey guys,
    yes Ill use a different channel then. Interesting tools, too. Not sure yet if they serve my purpose.

    From what I read in the lists, MPEG TS muxing with ffmpeg is indeed not in the phase of being standards compliant. Still, I wanted to try how far Id get, the error I found being one seemingly easy to correct.

    But of which I am unsure is which criteria should be used for checking compliance, "T-STD" being mentioned in the list. I researched a bit further and found the "ETSI TR 101-290, measurement guidelines for monitoring MPEG Transports Streams". Dont know how these two exactly relate to each other as the TR 101-290 contains certain buffer tests.

    I found the TR 101-290 tests in some Software: many of the issues are covered with the "StreamGuru" MPEG analyzer. For ex. it found a too large variation of PCR interval. Elecard Stream Analyzer would cover all the issues from TR 101-290. Do you think there still would the need for some really costly stuff from Tektronix, or similar!? In the ffmpeg list they would use this as a tool of reference for further development.

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