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  1. Hello,

    I am in need of some assistance with downloading videos from the website. I have tried to do it myself and seem to be hitting wall after wall after wall and haven't yet been able to do it.

    I have tried using urlsnooper this doesn't get me a rtmp:// address but was able to provide me with this url

    The above url is a direct link to the video that I was wanting to download, as I am in the UK and that website has its video restricted I cant view them unless I am using a proxy that is in the US which is what I have been doing to get the stream to play.

    I have tried Jaksta and this told me that the stream is an encrypted stream, so I am not sure if this is able to be saved/downloaded at all.

    I have also tried tubedigger this loads the page but no video content so I cant play the video, this was after I configured the software to go through a USA proxy.

    I have tried rtmpexplorer with both rtmpsrv and rtmpsuck these didn't work either, rtmpdownloadhelper didn't work but did attempt to try and download something but this failed said the file size was too small.

    I am not sure what else to try, but if anyone has any suggestions as to what I could try next I would be extremely grateful.

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    Please do not ask for help on downloading copyright files from a streaming service,it's against the law and forum rules,this thread is closed.
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    It's okey to discuss for now.
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  4. Another user on here sent me a PM after the thread was closed with the links below but didn't mention how he or she got them.

    Is anyone able to shed any light on they might have done this as I would ideally like to learn how to do it myself instead of asking others to do it for me, and perhaps then be in a position to help and guide others on what I have learnt.

    part 1
    rtmpdump -r "rtmpe://" -o "p1.flv"
    part 5
    rtmpdump -r "rtmpe://" -o "p5.flv"
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