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  1. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.00 is available.

    After lot of work and little time the cE1.00 is finished.
    There are a few minor improvements to the GUI and new features for the chapter converter.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00 2018-05-09
    // Settings
    & XBar: Restore default colors
    & Drag&Drop for the external programs
      - Drop on an edit box or button
      - global drop: external programs are sought
    & Linux: default path for MKVToolNix(/usr/bin) is used if no other path has been specified
    // Chapter Converter
    & Chapter naming for all output formats that have chapter names
    & Ignore the first chapter in the FPS change
    // Chapter database
    & 1292 more films from the ChapterGrabber database transferred
    * available Matroska chapter tabs were not loaded at login
    // Disc2mkv editors
    * Multi-Edition/Angle MKV
      - Chapter end times disagreed in rare cases for "invisible" m2ts / VobID segments
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  2. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.01 is available.

    In this little update there are new features for Matroska Hard-Linking.

    I have installed 5 new Hard-Linking options.

    The options for series may be quite helpful.
    Episodes of a series with an intro and/or credits can be linked quickly.
    The first mkv file is the intro and the last mkv file are the credits.
    On the hard disk, the files can be different ordered, the order is deciding how it is in the cE.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.01 2018-05-29
    // Matroska Menu Editor
    & Hard-Linking options
      - full Hard-Linking
      - only with NextUID
      - only with PrevUID
      - Series: episodes with intro
      - Series: episodes with credits
      - Series: episodes with intro and credits
    * small error when disabling the source components
    # Hard-Linking: unused UIDs are removed from the mkv files
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  3. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.02 is available.

    In the cE there is now a Multi-MKV editor,
    with which one can create a multi-editions file from a normal Matroska file(mkv, mka, mk3d).
    Only the chapters and tags are replaced and no video or audio data is manipulated.

    I had a couple of requests where NLE projects could put multiple editions of a movie, split into many parts, in a single mkv.
    In principle, it is similar to Blu-ray or DVD, but there you have specific information about the individual segments.

    The Multi-MKV editor requires only one Matroska file with chapters, which are interpreted as segments.

    Actually, all very easy and this time I have also recorded a few tutorial videos.

    With the Multi-MKV editor but not only NLE projects can be edited, even normal episodes, movies or homemade videos
    can be subsequently converted into a multi-mkv.
    There will be a function for an NLE project later on which helps to connect the individual parts.
    The tutorial video on NLE explains it in more detail.

    Nobody would like to look at friends the full 9h holiday video.
    But with a multi-mkv and an edition: Holiday Highlights(36min) you look at them but happy.
    Again, nothing has to be cut out or re-encoded.

    Such a multi-mkv is based only on ordered editions and is thus, as good as anywhere playable.
    In VLC and mpv it definitely works and I think on many other software players too.

    A little later there will also be the function for splitting a multi-mkv, since I already had requests about this, but never really knew where and how to install it.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.02 2018-06-26
    // chapterEditor
    & Multi-MKV Editor
    // Matroska Tags Editor
    * TagUID type was not set correctly when a target node was selected
    // Matroska Menu Editor
    # Medium-Linking Menu: In the VST (menu editions) the files were not reselected after the move
    // Multi-MKV Editor
    & Edit last end time stamp
    & Chapter options
      - No/invisible chapters
      - One chapter per segment
      - Take over external chapters (Matroska Chapters in XML format)
    & predefined language for the chapters and tags (settings)
    & Load chapters and tags in the editors (settings)
    & Drag and drop for loading files
    & Internal drag and drop for adding and moving
    & Restore original state of Matroska file
    & Play Matroska file
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	Multi-MKV.JPG
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  4. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.03 is available.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.03 2018-07-24
    // All Chapter editors
    & Support for 2 new chapter formats
      - GrassValley Edius Format Version 2
      - GrassValley Edius Format Version 3
    * Source FPS files:
      - "Remove files after loading" is deactivated and the file is used several times
        then the chapters doubled
    * File filtering in the Open dialog for "All supported files" did not work anymore
    // Matroska Chapters editor
    # Time adjustments for the chapter end times for non-ordered editions
      - FPS conversion and chapter time cutting
    // Chapter Converter
    & 2 new output formats
      - GrassValley Edius V2 (csv)
      - GrassValley Edius V3 (csv)
    // Time adjustments
    & Offset time for FPS conversion
      - Offset time should not be less than the smallest chapter time
      - "0" or "empty" deactivates the function
      - wrong time input sets the offset time to 0
    // Matroska Tags Editor
    & Preserve MKVToolNix Statistics Tags when saving in Matroska files(Preferences)
      - for newly created or loaded XML files
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  5. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.04 is available.

    A small change caused the Matroska Tags Editor to stop working properly.
    In Mutli-MKV Editor there is now a help for NLE projects to connect the individual MKV parts.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.04 2018-08-21
    // Matroska Multi-MKV
    & Join Matroska files
      - Automatic chapters per file are set by MKVToolNix
      - there is a chapters.xml / .txt in the folder, these chapters are used
      - the path to the new Matroska file is transferred to the edit field
      - Matroska file is automatically played after successful create
    * End time from last chapter was sometimes not calculated correctly
    # External chapters: Chapters are ignored if start time greater than edition's playing time
    // Matroska Tags editor
    * Tags were no longer saved correctly in Matroska files
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  6. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.05 is available.

    Multi-MKV files can now be split in the Multi-MKV Editor.
    For Multi-MKV files with a segment info edition,
    the individual segments of an edition can be specifically extracted,
    for example, to process them again in an NLE project.

    If there is no segment info edition, the segments are calculated based on all timestamps.
    Here, all related times are interpreted as a segment.
    This always results in a minimum number of segments, which reduces the split number and partially
    lowers to 0. In some cases MKVToolNix does not have to "cut" anything to directly extract an edition.

    For the Disc2mkv editors there is now a possibility to insert a segment info edition.
    This is intended for further editing for NLE projects.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.05 2018-09-19
    // chapterEditor
    # Adjusted standard colors for the XBars for Windows with activated Themes
       - at the very first start if there is no ini file
       - Reset the colors in the settings
    // Disc2mkv
    & Insert edition with Segment information (settings)
       - only for Multi-edition MKV mode
    & If the target folder does not exist, it will try to create it
       - Cancel only if the target folder can not be created
    * In very rare cases, a chapter with a duration of 0 seconds has been added to the Multi-edition chapter structure
    // BD2mkv
    * Source components were not "hidden" under Windows 10
    // Matroska Multi-MKV
    & Split Multi-MKV
    & Split options
       - Extract edition(s)
       - Extract segments (but no double)
       - Always extract all segments
    & for extracting segments, the split files are renamed to the segment number
    & Manually splitting and muxing (Settings)
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  7. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.06 is available.

    In this update there are several new features and improvements for the Disc2mkv editors.
    The editing of multi-edition discs should now be a bit easier.

    "Preselection track flag"
    For the subtitles, two flags Standard and Compression can be predefined.
    A partially-checked checkbox is the default value for MKVToolNíx(MTX).
    MTX then decides how to set this flag.

    Now file attachments can be set.
    QP file (x264) is the only file so far
    If there is more need for more files, please let me know.

    "Always jump to the last line in the log": deactivated
    The memo in which the output text is appended does not react as I would like.
    In addition, Linux and Windows handle this differently.

    Windows: After the new text has been appended, it jumps to the cursor position.
    Therefore, you can not use the mouse to control the scrollbar, but you can use the arrow keys to
    because the cursor is also moved.

    Linux: It is still jumped to the last line,
    if the cursor was in the last line before the new text was appended.

    "Save in Matroska files"
    Because cE does not write into Matroska files, I need mkvpropedit.
    Mkvpropedit needs an XML file (chapters/tags) and this must generate cE beforehand.
    Then the XML file is deleted again.
    When I create Multi-Edition MKVs I need these XML files and have had until now
    always save twice. Once in the Matroska file and once as an XML file, this is now omitted.

    Matroska Tags: The MTX Statistics Tags are not written to the XML file.
    In the edtior these Statistics Tags are not available.
    Note: Saving the tags again in the MKV would delete / overwrite the MTX Statistics Tags.

    I forgot to mention:
    In the online chapter database I have uploaded the complete Deep Space Nine series with english and german chapter names.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.06 2018-10-01
    // chapterEditor
    & Support for timecode lists (text file .txt) in HH:MM:SS:ff format
    // Matroska Chapters + Matroska Tags
    & Keep XML file when saving in Matroska files (Settings)
      - a custom XML file name can be assigned
      - for the file bars (Save (as)) and a right click the function is always active
    // Disc2mkv
    & Always bring MKVToolNix Log tab in front (Settings)
    & Always jump to the last line in the log (Settings)
    & Preselection: Standard track flag (Settings)
    & Preselection: Compression track flag (settings)
    & Warning if an edition was not named (only Multi-Edition-MKV mode)
      - Cancel, or use default name
    & Help texts for some components
    & too little space Warning (Settings)
      - A warning appears in the status bar, abort of the editor
      - Init values: BD2mkv 30Gb; DVD2mkv 8Gb
      - the value 0 deactivates the function
    & Attachments
      - QP file (x264)
    & check if the target folder still exists
      - before creating the MKV file
      - Prepare Multi-Editions (an attempt is made to rebuild the folder)
    # adapted a few translations
    % the Tags file is only created when the MKV is to be created
      - Edition names can be changed at any time
    // Multi-MKV
    # English translations were missing
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  8. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.07 is available.

    An important bugfix for BD2mkv editor. Multi-Angle Blu-ray support was broken.

    There are a few improvements to the Matroska Tags editor and two new features.
    Remove and insert MKVToolNix track Statistics Tags(StatsTags).
    For inserting such StatsTags, a process is started only, which is not monitored by cE.
    StatsTags for multiple files can be written at the same time, depending on the performance of the PC.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.07 2018-10-11
    // Matroska chapter
    # Chapters can now be removed from multiple files
    // Disc2mkv
    & Subtitle flag: Forced track
    // BD2mkv
    * Multi-Angle Blu-rays could not be processed
    // Matroska Tags
    & Remove track Statistics Tags from Matroska files (main menu item)
       - Global cE-ShortCut (Settings init: Shift + Alt + S)
    & Add track Statistics Tags to Matroska files (main menu item)
       - Global cE-ShortCut (Settings init: Shift + Alt + A)
    * TagName was not changed when pasted with the Text Favorites
    # Tags can now be removed from multiple files
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	mkvinfo-tool.PNG
Views:	591
Size:	62.3 KB
ID:	47005  

    Image Attached Files
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  9. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.08 is available.

    There are a few important bugfixes and improvements.

    There is now a config file for the Matroska Menu.
    This restores the structures in the editor.
    New files in the folder are also loaded.
    Missing files are skipped during recovery.
    The SegmentUID is used to identify the files.
    That means the files can be renamed. Should the files be recreated sometime
    or changed, the "old" SegmentUID must be used.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.08 2018-11-11
    // chapterEditor
    # internal Matroska parser: the second SeekHead(if any) is now parsed as well
    // Disc2mkv
    * Multi-editions chapter structure not created correctly
      - if there are less than 2 chapters in an edition
    // BD2mkv
    * Multi-Angle Blu-ray support still had a little bug under Windows
    * eac3to:
      - Audio channels label was missing if "(strange setup)" is included
      - Language code was missing when extracting an audio file
      - if no disc structure was found, chapterEditor crashed
    # Edit subtitles: now also for external and forced subtitles
    # tsMuxeR: for extracting audio and subtitle tracks, the language code is added at the front
    // Matroska Menu
    & Save the menu structure
      - Settings file (.mmmcfg)
      - as a file attachment in the main MKV file
    & Restore the menu structure
      - Settings file (.mmmcfg) or the main MKv file
    * Medium-Linking Menu: Automatic Tasks "Create a menu edition with all files"
      - In certain cases, edition 1 was always selected if the standard edition is not to be used
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  10. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.09 is available.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.09 2018-11-20
    // chapterEditor
    & Support for WebM files (.webm)
    // Matroska Chapter editor
    & Save in WebM files
    # Play Matroska file: also for WebM files
    # Remove chapters from Matroska files: also for WebM files
    // Matroska Tags editor
    & Support for .mks and .webm files
    & Load Matroska/WebM files without Tags
      - an empty tab is created
      - Not for appending in tabs - Error: no Tags
    * Insert TagName with Text-Favorites did not work anymore
    # Remove Tags and Statistics Tags and insert Statistics Tags: also for WebM files
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  11. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.10 is available.

    There are some new features.
    Save files in all tabs:
    In Matroska Tags and the chapter editors(except Converter) all loaded files can be saved with once.
    Newly created tabs(not yet saved) are ignored.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.10 2018-11-27
    // chapterEditor
    & Save files in all tabs (Chapters: Matroska, OGG/OGM, multiAVCHD; Matroska Tags)
       - Middleclick for the "Save" button in the file bars
       - new item in the main menu
       - global cE ShortCut, init: Shift + Ctrl + S
    // Chapter naming
    & "Stop": to use the name list when there are no names left
       - the chapter naming process then stops
    & Apply settings for all tabs (not for the Converter)
       - also for languages and countries (only Matroska)
    & Global name list (not for the Converter)
       - the names in the list can be used for all chapters in all tabs
    & Direct Save
       - by right-click
       - Change names
       - Change languages/countries (only for Matroska)
       - All tabs or only for the current tab
    # Help texts for all components of the group "Name list"
       - Number of existing names is displayed
    Image Attached Files
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  12. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.11 is available.

    Working with many files is now made easier by the tab management.
    Chapter files can be compared and the differences are displayed.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.11 2018-12-27
    // chapterEditor
    & Tab management
      - for the chapter editors(except Converter) and the Matroska Tags editor
      - simple tab overview in a list
    & New items in tab header popup menu
      - Clear tab
      - Tab management
      - Tabs: dynamic items and sub-items. Current tab is checked. Quick selection of another tab
      - Close all left tabs
      - Close all right tabs
      - Close all tabs
    & New main menu Item: Tab management
      - global cE ShortCut init: ALT + T (Settings)
    // Tab management
    & for chapter editors: Display the number of chapters and editions(Matroska Chapters only)
    & Language and Country codes from Chapter 1 (Matroska Chapters only)
    & Multi tab selection
    & Popup menu (right-click in the VST)
      - Delete tab(s)
      - Compare tabs
    & Compare Tabs (chapter editors)
      - Number of editions(Matroska) and chapters are compared
      - Names are compared; Matroska: number of names; multiAVCHD: all 4 names
      - Languages and countries (only Matroska); Number and order is compared
      - The active tab is always the reference tab
      - If only one tab is selected then it will be compared to all other tabs
      - Icons for the compared tabs based on the differences
      - Reference Tab has its own icon
      - Difference code is inserted at the beginning of the tab name: 0 = no difference
      - Matroska difference code: <0,0,0,0,0> <editions,chapters,names,languages,countries>
      - OGG/OGM and multiAVCHD difference code: <0,0> <chapters,name(s)>
      - Hotkey init: "c" (Settings)
    & Move multiple tabs
    & Delete Tabs
      - Hotkey init: DEL key (Settings)
    & Mouse middle-click ends tab management (actions will be executed before)
    & Form2 width can be changed and the form button "Maximize" exists
    // Chapter naming
    & Open tab management after an action (except Converter)
      - Hold down the Shift key while mouse-click
    // BD2mkv
    # Single processing mode: multiple start of the mux process was possible
    // Matroska Tags
    * Linux: cE own tab header popup menu was not used
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  13. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.12 is available.

    Append files/folder/disc in the editors has been working for a long time
    (drop into VST or right-click on the buttons in the file bar),
    nevertheless, the corresponding main menu items were missing.

    Disc Title Profiles:
    To quickly set all the settings for the used tracks, title profiles can now be created.
    Each profile has a name that can be changed. Only active tracks and their data are saved.

    I decided against a profile mask, as this would have taken a lot more effort.
    To create new profiles, you only have to configure the selected title as you would like it to be.
    All active tracks and their data will then automatically become a new profile called "New Profile".
    Thus, a title itself is the profile mask.
    There are two ways to add a new profile, using the button and a hotkey.

    When the title profiles are opened, a "small" title profile is automatically created and compared with all existing title profiles.
    Again, the differences are again represented by means of small percent images.
    For comparison, the number of active tracks and their order is crucial.
    If a track has too few or too many active tracks than are stored in the profile, using the settings will still work.
    If the order of the track types (Vid, Aud, Sub) is not identical to the saved profiles,
    then the use of the settings will be interrupted as soon as the track types are different.

    To even faster equip a list of titles (series disc) with the same settings,
    the last used profile can be used again. A hotkey(Q) in the VST is available/adjustable.

    Empty subtitles file:
    Often there are forced subtitles, which are not present in some episodes.
    For this I manually add an empty subtitle and this can now be done automatically.
    The path to such a empty subtitle file is set separately in the DVD and BD settings.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.12 2019-01-17
    // chapterEditor
    & 2 new main menu items: for the chapter editors(except converter) and Matroka Tags
       - Append file(s): global ShortCut init: CTRL + I
       - Append disc or folder: global ShortCut init: CTRL + ALT + I
    // Disc2mkv editors
    & Disc Title Profiles
      - Track name and language for all track types, for audio still the delay, for subtitles all 3 flags
      - only active tracks are used
      - Open with the button: Left-click = open only; Right-click = Add new profile; Medium click = Apply last used profile
      - Open with Hotkeys (VST): CTRL + Q = open only; ALT + Q = Add new profile; Q = Apply last used profile (Settings)
      - Change profile name: with the button or in the edit field with the hotkey Enter (Settings)
      - Tracks information: easy overview for the track names and flags
      - Apply profile: double-click or right-click or hotkey ENTER (settings)
      - Delete profile: middle-click or hotkey DEL (settings)
      - Move profile
      - Automatic profile comparison: Current profile is compared with the existing profiles. Number and order of active tracks
      - Profile differences are displayed by percentage pictures
    & Empty subtitle file
      - Path in the settings
      - Insert with the subtitle button: right-click
      - Insert with Hotkey (VST): init SHIFT + S
      - File is inserted as first subtitle track
      - Track name "empty" is set
    // Matroska Tags
    * last used folder/disc was not set in the folder dialog
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  14. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.13 is available.

    An important change has been added for uploading chapters.
    Users had uploaded chapters multiple times as there were bugs in the chapter names
    or other settings were not set correctly.
    You can always edit your own uploaded chapters/titles! In the main menu there is an item: Edit chapters.
    A warning is displayed if the same title name is used during the upload.
    Of course there are the same titles on different discs and it is still possible to upload duplicate titles.

    The Matroska Tags Editor had two bugs and there are some improvements.

    Action range: this is now available for all SimpleTag values (previously only for the language).
    Furthermore, the Action range can be applied to all tabs, even if the option "disabled" is selected.
    Other tabs only change values of the same type if possible.
    For example, the XML index must match/be present.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.13 2019-01-27
    // chapterEditor -> Tab-Header popup menu
    & new item: play/open file
      - only for Matroska Chapters and Tags
      - Play Matroska files or open XML files
    // Chapter Database
    & before the upload is checked if the title(name) already exists
      - Titles that already exist should be edited
      - You can still upload several titles of the same name (differences like FPS or disc type)
      - a warning is displayed with the option to switch to "Edit" or still upload
    // Matroska Chapters editor
    # Play-File button: XML files are now also opened
    // Matroska Tags editor
    & Play-File button for Matroska files and open XML files
      - Hotkey in TreeView init "P" (Settings)
    * If a group separator is selected in the Combobox TagName, the tag editor was not working properly
    * it was possible to change the value String-or-Binary for official Tag names, which leads to incorrect xml files
    # Action range: now for all SimpleTag values - previously only for the language
      - applicable to all tabs
    # Help texts adapted for the file bar buttons - Append files and folders
    % "Change languages for other SimpleTag's too" changed to Action range
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  15. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.14 is available.

    A major update for the Matroska Tags editor.
    Matroska Tags Profiles are now available, much like the Disc Title Profiles.
    The Tags tabs are saved as a profile and can be applied to other Tags/tabs.
    The profiles are normal Matroska XML files and are stored in a folder.
    The default folder is located in subfolders in the cE data folder and can be changed in the settings.
    For changing, the folder button must be used, or in the edit field with ENTER also the folder dialog is opened.

    In the specified folder already existing Tags.xml files can be copied and
    cE then reads these automatically as new profiles at the next start.

    To apply a profile, there are other options that use/do not use specific Tag values.
    With a right click on the button Apply a selection list opens.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.14 2019-03-03
    // chapterEditor
    & Whether the cE-form was "normal" is now stored in the ini-file
    // Matroska Tags
    & Tags Profiles
      - Apply: more options(button right click) for using specific Tag values
      - Append: Append profile to existing Tags/tabs
      - Profiles folder: the default folder is located in the cE.Data sub-folders, changeable in the settings
      - the profile name is also the file name and must be unique
      - Action range: Profiles can be applied to all tabs
      - Double-click to apply a profile
      - adjustable hotkeys for the Treeview and the edit field(name)
    & new Hotkeys for Tags Treeview (settings)
      - Open profiles (CTRL + Y)
      - Apply last used profile (Y)
      - Append last used profile (SHIFT + Y)
    & Action range for all Targets values
      - applicable to all tabs
      - also for target-UIDs (add, edit, delete, clear)
    & Action range for Tags
      - for now only one option: All Tags
      - applicable to all tabs
    & Consolidate all SimpleTag in the first Tag
      - Tag count, limits the number of used Tag's, "0" means all Tag's
      - Hotkey for the TreeView init: SHIFT + C
    & the value for TargetTypeValue is displayed in the treeview (if used)
    * TagUID type was initiated incorrectly
      - if the type was not changed, TagTrackUID was always used
    * In very rare cases cE crashed at the tab change
    * The settings for an XML element were not loaded after pasting a copied/cut element into another tab/treeview
    # Change the value for TargetTypeValue: in the editor and in the settings
      - the value for TargetType is no longer changed if "are not using" is selected
    % rearranged a few components
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  16. Matroska user
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    Nov 2016
    Search PM
    My tests for cE rev1.15 Test1:

    DOWNLOAD: my-test-05.7z
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  17. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.15 is available.

    CLI support

    For the GUI, there is now a CLI function with the option to load files into the cE.
    For Windows, two options can be used by right-clicking.

    1.) Open with

    After loading a file with "Open with" in cE for the first time,
    then there is an entry in the registry:

    and there are further sub-entries:

    The value for the command looks like this in the original:

    "X:\your path\chapterEditor.exe" "%1"
    With this statement, chapters and tags files can be loaded into cE.
    The last used editor is used.
    If the last editor was not a Chapter or Tags editor, then the Matroska Chapter editor is used.

    For example, if you always want to use the Tags editor you have to adjust the value for the command.

    "X:\your path\chapterEditor.exe" -l ceMTTags "%1"

    2.) Send to

    With "Send to" several files/folders can be loaded.
    To do this, create a shortcut to the cE.exe (right click on cE.exe).
    This link is copied to the "Send to" folder
    (X:\Your User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo)
    Default link: "X:\your path\chapterEditor.exe"

    Likewise, this link can be edited and you can load files into a specific editor.
    "X:\your path\chapterEditor.exe" -l ceMTTags
    You can also create several links with different command lines.
    "X:\your path\chapterEditor.exe" -l ceMatroska

    For Linux, the "Open with" also works, but could not test it extensively.

    For the Converter this results in a batch functionality, which I did not test (only theoretically).
    You could convert files directly.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.15 2019-04-14
    // chapterEditor
    & CLI support
    * from rev.1.13 the loading of the last editor did not work properly for some editors (because of Lazarus update)
    # Load last editor: some editors have previously loaded another editor
    // CLI
    & Loading files
      - 1. parameter: -l (small L)
      - 2. parameter: cE Editor [ceMatroska, ceOGG, ceAVCHD, ceConverter, ceMTTags]
      - further parameters: Input -> File, Folder, several files separated with a | ("File1.mkv|One more file.mkv|Last file.mkv")
      - only Input Parameters: files are loaded into last used editor (only Chapters and Tags)
    // Chapter Database
    & Search immediately
      - Disabled: The title search only starts when confirming with the enter key
    // Disc2mkv
    & Create Matroska file in temp folder (settings)
      - Disabled: The Matroska file is created in the parent folder
    // Matroska Tags
    * Tags Profiles: Apply* (right-click)
      - Options list was not displayed correctly on Linux
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  18. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.16 is available.

    This time just a little update with a few new features.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.16 2019-05-11
    // chapterEditor
    & Support for new formats
      - .webma, .webmv (Chapters and Tags)
      - .mp4, .m4a, .m4v (Chapters) MKVToolNix is required
    // Matroska Chapters
    * After moving or deleting a chapter trackUID, cE crashed
    // OGG/OGM + multiAVCHD editor
    & Append chapters from Matroska files
    # Reload of Matroska files with multiple editions
      - only worked for .xml and .mkv files
    // Chapter naming
    & load XML Matroska Chapters file as name list
    // Chapter Database
    & Download chapter file: for OGG/OGM Editor
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  19. BD disc structure as requested on doom9
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    • File Type: 7z BD.7z (70.66 MB, 6 views)
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