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  1. There is again a new version rev0.44
    In chapterEditor there is now a converter.

    For now, one can only load Matroska files (mka, mkv, mk3d) and xml files.
    First (and currently the only) output format, there is the Cuesheet format.

    I have Ligh's chap2cue taken as a template, thank you very much for the small fine tool.
    From gpower2 I get more information and installed it.

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // chapterEditor
    & Converter
    // Converter
    & Cue Sheet output format
      - load a .wav file
      - album title
      - performer - applicable for all tracks
      - Pregap - also for all tracks
      - comments: Genre und date
      - track title and track performer editable
    & Input: XML chapters and Matroska files (xml,mka,mkv,mk3d)
      - selection before loading a file:
        - use nested chapters
        - use hidden chapters
        - use disabled chapters
      - options after loading a file:
        - all editions selectablly in the combobox
        - use the start time or end time (if the edition is ordered)
    & drag&drop - for the input files and wav files
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  2. There is a new rev0.45

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // chapterEditor
    # DVD Maestro format: support for files of ChapterXtractor
      (includes an extra blank line)
    // Settings
    & XML: Matroska files drag&drop With a selected chapter
      - always ask me
      - use chapter segment linking
      - load new chapters from the file
    * XML: Matroska file drag&drop with selected edition
      - load new chapters from the file -> setting is set incorrectly
    // XML Format
    & chapter segment linking With a selected chapter and an ordered edition)
      - Start time is set to 00:00:00.000000000 
      - End Time gets the playing time of the Matroska file
      - SegementUID is entered automatically
    * load of Matroska files when an edition is selected in the tree view
      - load new chapters from the file don't work
        (whether default or as a selection)
    // Multi Edition Editor
    # eac3to: 3D-Bluray support
      - the H.264/MVC (right eye) track will not be processed because 
        it is not supported in the MKVToolNixGUI
    // Converter
    & 2 new output formats
      - Celltimes
      - Timecodes
    & Output format selection
    & FPS selection - for Celltimes output format 
      - 1.Combobox: an integer or float can be used
      - Float decimal is "," but you can also have a "." enter
      - Auto recalculate timecodes/frames
    & Save direct
      - it is immediately converted and saved the source file
      - for Drag&Drop and Load-button
      - all preferences are taken into account
    & Save the settings in the converter automatically
      - Save direct
      - FPS
      - Matroska Checkboxes
      - Output format
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  3. An update because Mosu has changed in version 9.0.0 of the mkvinfo.exe something.

    Thus the chapter Segment Linking continues to function is used from now at least version 9.0.0.

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // chapterEditor
    # adapted mkvtoolnix features for the new version 9.0.0
      - mkvinfo.exe now needs the "--no-gui" parameter
    // Matroska Menu
    * missing translation of the "Hauptmenü Video" button
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  4. please redownload the rev0.46

    In the 7zip was the old rev0.45.
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  5. Only a small update rev0.47

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // OGG Format
    * when loading of XML files 3 spaces were added to the chapters name
    // Multi Editions Editor
    & eac3to: support for EAC-3 tracks
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  6. A small update again rev0.48

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // XML Format
    # Load XML files
      - simplified XML-Validation (ChapterGrabber Matroska.xml)
      - automatic UID's (if absent) for editions and chapters
      - Load XML files with only one edition but without chapters
        (MkvToolNix: Chapter.xml)
    // DVD2mkv
    * the file path for forced subtitles was incorrectly generated
      - the normal subtitle loaded twice in the MTX-GUI
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  7. There is again an update(rev0.49) with some bugfixes.

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // Multi Chapters
    * for XML Format: insert chapters
      - when functions (like FPS, chapter naming, etc.) were activated, chapterEditor crashes
    // settings
    * mkv -> Chapter and Tags file
      - "create new" and "don't override" can no longer be checked together
    // XML Format
    # deprecated country code "gb - Großbritannien (UK)" removed
    # deprecated country codes "gb" and "tp" are automatically converted (uk, tl)
    // Multi Edition Editor
    * for audio tracks with PCM format was no "type" value generated
      - MTX-GUI reported an error in the mtxcfg
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  8. After a while a new update to rev0.50 from chapterEditor(eC) is available.

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // chapterEditor
    * IFO parser determined false chapter times for multi-angle DVD's
    // Multi Editions Editor
    * mpls parser had a small bug
    # Ignore first and last m2ts
      - the checkboxes are now checked automatically if the playing time is too small
    This will be the last version. It was my first project so the source code is very old,
    therefore cE has reached its limits.
    I will only adjust critical errors if they are found and reported.

    However, the cE project is not dead. But on the contrary. The next major update then affects the whole cE.
    I'm just about to code the cE from scratch. Many things on the ToDo list would have become a huge effort in the old cE code. For example, the cE also runs on Linux, multi-chapter tabs, improved chapter naming, automate manual chapter-segment linking, the entire layout of the cE, and much much more.

    The chapter editors are almost finished and I will then also upload a first pre-alpha version.

    What is already working (only roughly):

    chapter Editor:
    - New layout with pictured buttons
    - XBar's
    - Drag&Drop

    Chapter Editors:
    - New chapter formats are supported
    - Multi-Chapter Tabs -> mass loading of chapter files
    - different popups
    - Multi-chapters: new system for improved mass insertion of chapters in all places
    - Chapter naming: new system to change specific chapters, load chapter names from "lists"
    - Chapter Times Edit: also something new
    - Loading of special chapter files and discs (Bluray-DVD) extended with different automation
    - Append chapter files - now for all editors
    - Duplicate Chapter Tabs
    - Copy / cut chapter (not only duplicate) from tab to tab
    - New component to represent the chapters (VirtualStringTree(VST))
    - Several possibilities to insert chapters quickly and purposefully

    - Full support for the Matroska Chapter Specs
    - In addition, XML comments can be set and read
    - Automated chapter segment linking
    - Direct saving in Matroska files (requires MKVToolNix)

    - Improved presentation of the chapters by the VST
    - Improved thumbnail time generator

    - Mass direct conversion
    - 2 new output formats

    What is still on the list:

    - Chapter Database: Full XML Support, Identical to
    - Matroska Tags: also full support
    - Matroska Menu
    - Bluray to mkv: more automatic
    - DVD zu mkv: Multi-Angle/Edition mkv's
    - The Help: if it works (I still have to test) -> Video-based as Matroska Menu
    - And if it works, then everything for Linux
    - and even more

    Here are some pictures from the new chapterEditor
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cE-Matroska-Kapitelbenennung.JPG
Views:	787
Size:	174.8 KB
ID:	39521
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cE-Matroska-Kapitel.JPG
Views:	2023
Size:	164.7 KB
ID:	39522
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cE-DiskDateien.JPG
Views:	738
Size:	110.2 KB
ID:	39523
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cE-SourceFPS+ChapSegLink.JPG
Views:	726
Size:	153.0 KB
ID:	39524

    For all those who want to test the new cE ever there is a Pre-preAlpha for download for Windows and Linux.
    The cE starts (in this case, a * .ini is generated) in English, to switch to German the entry "Language = eng_def" should be converted to language = ger_def in the * .ini.
    Further settings can only be changed via the * .ini.
    This is important for MKVToolNix (MTX). The path to the MTX folder must be entered manually.
    (for Win: c:\MTX-Folder\ ; for Linux: /usr/bin/)

    So if there are still wishes or suggestions what the new cE should do, let me know.

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  9. A new cE version (1.00Alpha 2) is available.

    There are a few improvements for Linux, because unfortunately some components contain errors. This I have tried to fix this for now with workarounds.

    The FPS setting was affected by it and unfortunately it is still a little bit, but it does everything again.

    The DVD2mkv editor is now ready in the first basics.
    I have a little bit of makemkv oriented to improve the presentation.
    There is a lot of work and to completion will certainly take some time.

    The new features I wanted to first summarize as a test function, then the idea arose as the 1-click mode to use.
    There will be a "Single and batch processing mode (SBP-mode)" as well as the Multi-Edition-MKV mode.
    Function does at the moment only the one-click mode with limited extent. A file name can be assigned.
    Later there will also be some "MKV presets", for example, languages and their order can be set.

    The menus can also be used for the SBP-mode.

    The Titles can be unchecked or checked with the right mouse button.
    The help texts are still missing, but the captions and pictures speak for themselves.

    It will be needed again a couple of external tools.
    BDSup2Sub java oder windows

    Big Thanks to:

    which have helped me greatly in the understanding of the IFO structure.
    For some DVDs, only certain audio tracks are mapped for the titles, but PgcDemux and MKVToolNix will also find all the physical tracks.
    All tracks can be edited later and are included in the mkv.

    Here are two small videos

    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Alpha 2) 2017-05-07
    // chapterEditor
    & DVD2mkv Editor (test phase)
    * Language code IDs don't match for all languages
      - wrong language names were displayed
    * Edit fields completely select (after hotkey)
    * Some settings were not loaded correctly on Linux
    # ini file adapted
    // Settings
    & Disc2mkv
      - Minimum duration
      - Load chapter file in the editor
    & DVD2mkv
      - Use PgcDemux audio delays
    # External programs
      - PgcDemuxMod
      - BDSup2Sub (java and windows version)
      - java
    // DVD2mkv Editor
    & DVD editing mode
      - 1-Click
      - Single and batch processing
      - Multi-Edition-MKV
    & Use menus
    & Use filename as subfolders
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  10. Code:
    >> I've noticed that in this folder no audio or vídeo files are demuxed from the DVD. Only IFO files are created. Is this correct?
    > No, video(m2v) and audios should be extracted as well.
    > Could you check if exists a vob file? Or is in the ini file an entry "VobDemux=1"(DVD2mkv section)? If so, than set it to 0.
    The issue is this ini entry, cause the "Demux-To-Vob-Option" is set to true, but not implemented.
    Mmmh this is not good. This breaks the DVD2mkvEditor.
    Many thanks for your testings!!
    I have mad a small issue with a setting for the DVD2mkv Editor.
    Change this ini entry and DVD2mkv Editor will work again.
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  11. chapterEditor Alpha 3 is available. An update for the DVD2mkv editor.

    The Single and Batch mode is finished and can be tested.
    Besides the normal titles, the menus can also be converted to an mkv. For this, however, PgcDemux must be used because the Mod version does not work.
    Both PgcDemux versions can exist in the same folder.

    Title and menus can be reserved for the batch process.

    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Alpha 3) 2017-05-27
    // DVD2mkv
    & Single and Batch process mode
    & Track selection
    & change track order
    & adjustable track properties
    & BDSup2Sub Log
    * Extracting forced subtitles did not work properly
    # PgcDemux for the DVD menus
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  12. chapterEditor Alpha 4 is available. An update for the DVD2mkv editor.

    Multi-Edition-MKV mode is ready.
    In this mode it is possible to save from a DVD, which contains different editions of a movie, into a single mkv.
    The editions are named by tags, and are then selectable in the player.

    Unfortunately, this procedure is much more complicated than with Bluray, where the m2ts files always contain all the tracks.
    So unfortunately it happens that the VobIDs not all audio and subtitle tracks are present.
    For the subtitles you can simply insert a "dummy" file. However, with the audios does not work that easy.
    Therefore in the Multi-Edition MKV only audio tracks can be used which are present in all VobIDs / Titles.

    In the normal case, all audio tracks should also be found. My test DVDs (Alien 1-4) have audio tracks from the director which is only available in one edition.

    In the cE folder is now a data folder Data. There is the subtitle dummy file (dummy.idx / dummy.sub).
    You can exchange this file, but the file name can not be changed.
    Is currently still hard-coded (will be adjustable later with file dialog).

    The titles/editions can be moved before demuxing, and the edition name should be set also before(or later in the tags file).

    In the test DVD Salt, MTX 12 unfortunately had problems, which Mosu in MTX 13 has fixed. As of now, MTX 13 is required for the chapterEditor.

    There is still a problem with the "ordered chapters". The times agreed for the appended VobIDs do not always match. When muxing(append) the VobIDs with mkvmerge apparently the playing periods are not exactly met. The times have always shifted a bit backwards. 100 to 200ms which then makes up to 4 seconds for 20 attached VobIDs.
    In the chapter creating process are all chapter names expand with the VobID number. With a small manual adjustment then ran all Multi MKVs neat.

    For another test DVD (Christi) which has multi-angle, everything went right immediately, since there is only one different VobID there.

    The Vob2Vob demux function (not for the menus) is now implemented and should always be used. MTX can read the time stamps from VOB files and thus all audio tracks remain synchronous to the video.
    A test with track demux brought horrible audio unsynchronities.

    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Alpha 4) 2017-06-25
    // DVD2mkv
    & Multi-Edition-MKV mode 
    & MKV file titel
    & MKV Tags (only for Multi-Edition-MKV)
    & Load Tags in the editor (settings)
    & VOB to VOB demux
      - Audio synchronicity is better because MTX can read the time stamps from the VOBs
    & Track delay adjustable for all VobIDs
    * Ignore last chapter did not work properly
    * empty Menu-tables(IFO) caused an error
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  13. chapterEditor Alpha 5 is available.

    There are a few important updates for the cE and the Matroska Chapters editor.
    There are also new features.

    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Alpha 5) 2017-07-04
    // chapterEditor
    * Language: Norwegian did not work
    // Settings
    & Disc2mkv: Predefinable language
      - is used for chapters, SimpleTags and some external subtitles
    & DVD2mkv: Select subtitle dummy file with file dialog
    // Matroska Chapters
    * Flag "Standard" for editions had 2 errors
      - Copy/duplicate or delete a Standard edition
    // Time adjustments
    * Negative time shift did not work
    * cutting: 
      - Start time at 0 did not work
      - Start time greater than or equal to End time is now ignored
    // DVD2mkv
    & Add subtitle files
      - Support for most MTX subtitle formats
    & Text Favorites
      - Tags: Editionname
      - Track name: Video, Audio, Subtitle
    Image Attached Files
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  14. chapterEditor Alpha 6 is available.

    There are again a few bug fixes and a new special feature.

    Split Chapters:
    I have installed this new feature first for the OGG/OGM editor only.
    You can select a chapter (not the first or the last) and then
    click on "Split chapters" (in the special tool bar).
    Two new OGG tabs are created with the respective chapters.
    Feedback is welcome to find out if everything fits or needs something else.

    The internal Matroska parser I have improved, so also the playing time when loading a Matroska file is used.
    For all time editing fields on which you can drop a file to read the duration, also the internal Matroska parser is used.

    The cE can now load Matroska files without MKVToolNix (MTX).

    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Alpha 6) 2017-07-13
    // chapterEditor
    * Time floats did not work in any Windows
    # Matroska Parser
      - Duration and SegmentUID are now also parsed
    // OGG/OGM Chapter Editor
    & Chapter Split
    * TabSheet for the chapter settings was no longer displayed
       If Multi-Chapters was closed and there was no chapter tab
    * Chapter time saving adapted
      - immediate save when changing if the time format is correct
      - Display in VST now correct again
      - Chapter times could be stored incorrectly in the file
    // DVD2mkv
    & Drag&Drop 
      - Global drop to the form for folders: automatic assignment
         a VIDEO_TS folder or a folder with a VIDEO_TS subfolder
         are loaded into the source edit field all others in the target edit field
      - a folder can be dropped directly to an edit field or button
      - IFO files and external subtitles can be dropped globally
    & change the title and menu checkboxes also with left-click
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  15. Mosu has fixed an error with MKVToolNix (MTX) 14. As a result, the mtxcfg file no longer works correctly when certain settings are set in MTX (Auto target path).

    Since I still use the old cE's BD2mkv Edtior, and this does not work as usual,there is an update of the old cE to rev0.51

    Changelog chapterEditor 
    added &
    fixed *
    improvement #
    layout change %
    // chapterEditor
    * mtxcfg file: "destinationAuto" path should be different to "destination" path
    // Multi Editions Editor(BD2mkv)
    * BD-demux "selectablly"
      - mtxcfg: "type" value are missing for .h264 files
      - file extension not always match (.mks was used)
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  16. chapterEditor 1.00 Alpha 7 is available.

    There is a new special feature for the Matroska Chapter Editor.

    If you saved chapters directly in a Matroska file, you had to start it with a double-click in the file browser....this is on a long term, very cumbersome.
    Therefore, you can now start the Matroska files directly from the chapterEditor out.

    The last chapter end time(if exists) can be used from XML and Matroska files as playing time for the edition. In Matroska files the playing time(SegmentInfo/Duration) is often NOT (actually never) exactly. Therefore, it is more useful to use the last chapter end time.

    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Alpha 7) 2017-08-11
    // Matroska Chapter Editor
    & Play files - new special tool
      - Loaded Matroska files can be started directly
      - VST Hotkey(P) added, changeable in the settings
    & Last chapter end time as playing time of the edition (settings)
      - for XML and Matroska files
    # End times calculation for ordered chapters
      - if deactivated, the start times are only accepted for "empty" end times
      - if an end time exists, it is checked whether it is smaller than the start time
    // DVD2mkv
    & Hotkeys: for several components
    & Double click on a track opens the corresponding Text-Favorites
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  17. chapterEditor rev1.00 Beta 1 is available.

    The new chapter database is ready.
    It was not possible to use the old database further.
    The user data remain, however, and you can login as usual.
    The users, who have already uploaded chapters, would have to re-upload them so that the new settings

    for the movies are taken over.

    A few things I have removed, since they were not really used, which makes it now something easier and

    more clearly.
    In addition to the chapter files, Matroska Tags files can now be saved.

    From the ChapterGrabber database all movies/chapters with meaningful movie titles were taken over.
    In addition, there must be at least 3 chapters.
    These were about 96000 entries, many of which do not have "proper" chapter names.

    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Beta-1) 2017-09-10
    // chapterEditor
    & Chapter database
    & Language: Standard Moroccan Tamazight (zgh) 
    # GUI: Windows and Linux
      - Elements overlapped in some places
      - Menu icons were not displayed correctly
      - Statusbar: Help texts have not always been displayed
    // Matroska Chapters Editor
    # Default Edition Flag
      - "only one default edition" (settings)
    // Chapter database
    & about 60000 more movies from the ChapterGrabber database transferred
    & only show movies with "proper" chapter names
    & Matroska Tags files
    & append chapters
    & FPS selection
    & 2 new Disc types
      - UHD-Bluray
      - CD
    & full Matroska support for Chapters and Tags files
    & Show all movies of a user
    # All languages available
    // DVD2mkv Editor
    * Standard track flag for audio tracks is set incorrectly
    * Linux: could not load VIDEO_TS folder
    # mkvmerge Exit code was not evaluated correctly
      - an incorrect error message was displayed
    Image Attached Files
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  18. chapterEditor(cE) 1.00 Beta 2 is available.

    In the cE there is now again the BD2mkv editor. For now, only the 1-Click mode.

    BD2mkv will depend on MKVToolNix (MTX) only, so that everything runs under Linux.
    Furthermore, eac3to will be used for audio conversions and other tasks.
    For Linux, tsMuxeR will be used.
    The functions of the external tools remain optional. BD2mkv editor is then limited to the functionality of MTX.

    BD2mkv can also process UHD-Blurays, at least what now with eac3to/tsMuxeR and MTX possible.

    MTX has unfortunately no support for Multi-Angle mpls files. Only the 1.Angle is used.
    (In the old cE I had for it eac3to)
    I have extended my mpls parser, so now under Linux/Windows Multi-Angle Blurays can be processed by MTX (without other external tools).
    Furthermore you will be able to create Multi-Edition mkv files on Linux.

    If an mpls contains several m2ts files, it can happen that some m2ts files (usually the first or last) have different properties.
    This means that the mux process does not work in MTX.

    In the BD2mkv editor such "disturbing" m2ts files can be ignored (first, last and duplicates).

    The new MTX functions led to disturbances in the cE, as other editors also have access simultaneously.
    Therefore, I have renewed the MTX interface.
    Everything now runs in its own process and no longer interferes with Multi-Threading.
    At the same time, a few bugs were fixed for Linux.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Beta 2) 2017-10-14
    // chapterEditor
    & BD2mkv 
    * MKVToolNix(MTX): - completely new interface
      - Each function in program now has its own process for the MTX exe's
    * Multi-threading did not work on Linux
    // Chapter database
    * English translation missing
    // Matroska Chapters
    * Saving to Matroska files did not work on Linux
    // BD2mkv
    & 1-Click mode
    & ignore m2ts files and remove duplicates
      - Minimum duration for first and last m2ts (settings)
    & Scan all mpls files immediately (settings)
    & use only eac3to mpls files (settings)
    // DVD2mkv
    & Minimum number of chapters (settings)
      - Titles with fewer chapters than the minimum are ignored
    // Matroska Tags
    * Save (more than one Tags in the tab)
      - XML comment contained XML syntax marks, making the XML file invalid
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  19. chapterEditor 1.00 Beta 3 is available.

    With the Single and Batch mode you can now quickly and selectively create your desired mkv from a Bluray.
    For editing the tracks, eac3to is ready with full parameter support.

    tsMuxeR (Windows version) can also be used, but there is only the possibility of core extraction.
    For Linux there is a separate version of tsMuxeR.

    Forced subtitles are automatically searched for and added to the track list.
    Also, extracted tracks are automatically added to the track list.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Beta 3) 2017-11-14
    // chapterEditor
    * internal Matroska parser had an error reading 64bit numbers
    // Chapter database
    # VST
      - Column notes could not be enlarged enough
      - ID representation for user's movies adapted
    // BD2mkv
    & Single and Batch processing mode
    & Audio editing
      - eac3to: free parameters input
      - tsMuxeR: Core extraction
    & Extract track(s)
      - individually or all selected at once
    & extract only checked subtitles
    & Drag&Drop
      - Folders, drives, mpls files
      - external subtitles
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  20. chapterEditor 1.00 Beta 4 is available.

    Because I have found some important bugs, there is a new cE version after a short time.

    A new helpful feature for BD + DVD2mkv I have installed.
    Tracks preselection:
    You can preselect the desired languages and have them sorted.
    The function is available for all disc editing modes.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.00(Beta 4) 2017-11-19
    // Disc2mkv (BD+DVD settings)
    & Tracks preselection (Audio + Subtitle)
      - language dependent
      - sort preselected tracks
    // BD2mkv
    * Checking if original tracks are used did not work
    * "No chapters" for mp4 or m4a files did not work
    * mpls playing time is not always right
      - if NO m2ts files have been removed,
        nevertheless a recalculation was carried out -> wrong playing time
    * When exiting the BD2mkv editor not all threads were stopped
    # Language code added in the filename for converted audios
    // DVD2mkv
    * PgcDemuxMod version not worked in cE-1.00Beta3
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