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  1. Originally Posted by kgLum View Post
    Hey hubblec4, thanks for cE!
    I haven't actually used it yet, but it might come in handy sometime.
    You are welcome.
    cE is more as a chapter editor and has many Matroska features and supports/helps MKVToolNix to handle extra Matroska stuff.
    Unfortunately there is no good documentation available.
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  2. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.25 is available.

    After a little while there is another update.
    The database became too big and therefore had to be compressed.

    On 10.10.2020 I will delete the uncompressed files,
    this means that older cE versions no longer have access to the database.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev 1.25 2020-10-04
    // chapterEditor
    & MKVToolNix (MTX): --disable-language-ietf (settings: external programs)
       - MTX will no longer automatically generate IETF language elements
    // Chapter database
    # Chapters and Tags files compressed
       - Older cE versions can no longer access the database
    # When changing film information, the title name check is no longer carried out because it is unnecessary
    Image Attached Files
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