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  1. Originally Posted by kgLum View Post
    Hey hubblec4, thanks for cE!
    I haven't actually used it yet, but it might come in handy sometime.
    You are welcome.
    cE is more as a chapter editor and has many Matroska features and supports/helps MKVToolNix to handle extra Matroska stuff.
    Unfortunately there is no good documentation available.
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  2. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.25 is available.

    After a little while there is another update.
    The database became too big and therefore had to be compressed.

    On 10.10.2020 I will delete the uncompressed files,
    this means that older cE versions no longer have access to the database.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev 1.25 2020-10-04
    // chapterEditor
    & MKVToolNix (MTX): --disable-language-ietf (settings: external programs)
       - MTX will no longer automatically generate IETF language elements
    // Chapter database
    # Chapters and Tags files compressed
       - Older cE versions can no longer access the database
    # When changing film information, the title name check is no longer carried out because it is unnecessary
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    Last edited by hubblec4; 4th Oct 2020 at 17:29.
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  3. chapterEditor(cE) rev1.26 is available.

    It's time for an update again.
    Some bugs were fixed and I was able to finish a user request.

    MediaInfo chapter format:
    The wish was to support this format and also to process the text content from the clipboard,
    as MediaInfo texts can often be found on websites.

    At the moment only the first menu is processed, due to time constraints. But you can copy all other menus individually and append them with CTRL + V.
    But mostly there is only one menu.
    All chapter names and their language are processed for the Matroska format.

    I have an episode on a Futurama DVD which is available in two versions and could not mux it to a multi-mkv,
    since the last VOBID only contains a video track. MKVToolNix cannot process this then.
    The whole thing is similar to the "bad" m2ts files on a BD.

    Change chapterEditor
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    rev1.26 2021-01-03
    // chapterEditor
    & Support for ffprobe XML and JSON files
    & Support for MediaInfo Text files
    & Load chapters from the clipboard (not for the Converter)
      - for the time being only for the MediaInfo format
      - TreeView Hotkeys: with CTRL + V the chapters are inserted/appended, with CTRL + SHIFT + V a new tab is created
    // Matroska Chapters
    * when attaching invalid XML or Matroska files, the tab is no longer deleted
    // DVD2mkv
    & Multi-MKV-Mode: ignore the last VobID of attached versions if the playing time is too short
       - Minimum playing time adjustable, a value of 0 deactivates the function
    * the value for "Minimum free space" could not be changed (settings)
    * Applying Title Profiles had a bug
    * Multi-MKV-Mode: the profile selection did not open when a track is selected
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