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  1. Anyone around knows if, when you record a 1080i source with this card, the result will be an interlaced 1080 file or a deinterlaced 1080 file?
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  2. You can choose either one.
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  3. Thanks

    Got the card, exactly what I wanted. And gladly you replied me before Elgato's amazing support which said to me "1080i will be deinterlaced to 1080p."
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  4. And just to update the thread, in case anyone looks for the same question:

    In the last updates (version 2.10.XX) Elgato started to 'drop out' interlaced output. The card still records to 1080i ts files, but any export in their application will deinterlace+recode the source file.

    Their support seems also not really whiling to do anything about it, and all I got was:

    "Yes, we now export in "progressive" mode (the "MP4 Pro" naming). It doesn't change anything except the quality will be better -- no interlaced format anymore. "

    So if you are looking forward recording interlaced sources without hassle, Elgato Game Capture HD seems to just have become no longer an option. -.-
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  5. But you can still record in 1080i without forced deinterlacing? Who cares about their export application? Those editors that are bundled with capture software are almost always crappy. If you want your files to be in mp4 container use can always use some other external apps.
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  6. Well, for now Yes.

    But this shows they are tending to drop it out, so I fear a next firmware update.

    Anyways, I just wanted to update the sequence of events to the original post, in case anyone in a similar situation considers this post as a reference.
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