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  1. Hi! So I recently converted to using Shadowplay instead of Fraps, and at first everything was fantastic. Smooth and constant recording, no hiccups with editing the files. Soon after I ran into the first problem; Virtualdub threw up an error stating that "no audio decompressor could be found to decompress the source audio format," tagged 00ff. After some searching, I found a solution with using a plugin (I think it was the DirectShow plugin, or Quicktime) and the issue ceased for a day. The next day, output AVIs had screwed up audio but removing the Quicktime plugin resolved it. The next day I had to put it back in to make things work, and also updated my CCCP codec installation. This back-and-forth struggle with making things work went on for a few days culminating in things mostly working thanks to a host of plugins and the use of AudioCoder to reencode the audio from the source Shadowplay recordings to WAV. I thought everything was okay until today. Now I've got this problem where VirtualDub only loads the first minute or so of a video, but only when I have the QuickTime plugin installed. If I remove it, it loads full videos, but on at least one video the program has gotten stuck on a video frame and aborted the export, and also frequently locks up trying to dub previews.

    The list of plugins I'm using:

    If I could figure out why the Quicktime64 plugin is causing videos to only load a small portion of the whole, I'd be alright for now, but I'm completely lost as it is.

    e: This is on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
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    I would get rid of the codec pack and install ffdshow instead and set it to support H264/AVC (and anything else you might need) with libavcodec. I'd install XviD and DivX 6.9.2 separately though.

    I assume all your input plugins are fcchandler's. If not, make it so. Tateu's has not updated in years and the SEt MPEG-4 plugin causes problems if another MPEG-4 plugin is installed.

    I would also install fcchandler's ac3acm and aacacm codecs and also the lameacm codec. (pretty much everything by fcchandler).
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  3. Sorry for the late reply; I already met the criteria for most of those but the lameacm installation, which didn't seem to have an immediate effect. However, the issue has since resolved itself so I'm just twiddling my thumbs 'til another thing goes awry, I suppose.
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